Top downloaded cursors

Our collection of cute custom cursor is giant, currently it consists of the 4777 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions form you on how many times each of cute cursors were downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Star Wars Greedo DT-12 Blaster Pistol Curseur

Going somewhere, Solo? While the online community is figuring out - Who shot first Han or Greedo? We have prepared for you a Star Wars custom cursor with the bounty hunter Greedo and his DT-12 heavy blaster pistol.

Star Wars CollectionDownload 158635 times

Halloween Lollipop and Pumpkin Basket Curseur

Many people, especially kids, love the incredibly cool Halloween holiday and of course, sweet candy. The Halloween cursor for a mouse with Lollipop and Pumpkin Basket!

Halloween CollectionDownload 158495 times

Among Us Orange Character in Do-Rag Hat Curseur

For more fun in the game, make your character Orange and use the Do-Rag Hat. The Among Us cursor and game pointer with Orange Character in Do-Rag Hat!

Among Us CollectionDownload 158493 times

Naruto Neji Hyuga Curseur

Neji Hyuga is a character in the Naruto cartoon series and an ex shinobi of the Konohagakure Hyuga clan. When the heiress of the main house, Hinata, turned three years old his forehead was branded by his uncle with the customary cursed seal.

Naruto CollectionDownload 158412 times

Neon Cupcake Curseur

The neon pink and purple little cakes in fancy wrappers are called Cupcakes and it is a traditional American treat. The neon food cursor Neon Cupcake!

Neon CollectionDownload 158292 times

Neon Bacon and Egg Curseur

Delicious fried bacon and pan-cooked egg are a great pair of English breakfast. The neon cursor for a mouse with pink Bacon and yellow Egg!

Neon CollectionDownload 158233 times

Neon Queen Crown and Scepter Curseur

The yellow crown is a queen's headdress, is a symbol of power. And this set will be complemented by a pink and purple scepter with a diamond, which is also a symbol of government. The royal neon cursor and pointer Neon Queen Crown and Scepter!

Neon CollectionDownload 158077 times

The Promised Neverland Ray Curseur

Ray aka Rei is a character of The Promised Neverland anime series. He is a swell student who gets the perfect score in Grace Feild House. Ray is also known to have high intellectual abilities, cunning, and blunt skepticism. Anime cursor of TPN Ray.

Minimal Donut Curseur

A doughnut or donut is a round confection with sweet icing, which is popular in many countries. The Minimal cursor and pink food pointer with Donut!

Minimal Style CollectionDownload 157994 times

Among Us White Character in MIRA Hazmat Outfit Curseur

Make your character white, use the protective MIRA Hazmat Outfit and Mask Hat to keep yourself safe on a spaceship. The Among Us cursor and game pointer!

Among Us CollectionDownload 157660 times

Fortnite Quadcrasher Curseur

The Quadcrasher is an ATV vehicle that seats two players and builds up boost just by anyone sitting in the driver's seat. The game Fortnite cursor for a mouse with Quadcrasher!

Fortnite CollectionDownload 157298 times

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Wand Curseur

Meet Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort. He was considered the most powerful, greatest, and most dangerous dark wizard of all time. The Harry Potter cursor for a mouse with Lord Voldemort and Wand!

Harry Potter CollectionDownload 157081 times

Cute Llama Curseur

Just look at this cute little llama! The first mention of lamas and their image was in 1553 in the Chronicle of Peru. These cute, domesticated llamas are a symbol of Peru and have different vocal abilities. The custom cursor Cute Lama for a mouse!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 156934 times

Rick and Morty Portal Gun Curseur

Teleport across the web universe with this Rick Sanchez's C-137's Portal Gun cursor from the Rick and Morty cartoon series.

Rick and Morty CollectionDownload 156818 times

Among Us Groot Character Curseur

If you like the game Among Us and the fantastic universe Marvel Comics, then put it together in the Among Us cursor for a mouse with Groot Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 156078 times

Gravity Falls Waddles Curseur

This cute pink pig is named Waddles and this is Mabel's pet pig, which she won at Mystery Fair from the fun cartoon series Gravity Falls. The Gravity Falls cursor for a mouse with Waddles!

Gravity Falls CollectionDownload 155808 times

Among Us Fortegreen Character in Archae Outfit Curseur

To study the history Among Us, put on an Archae Outfit and make your character a Fortegreen color. The Among Us cursor and game pointer!

Among Us CollectionDownload 155732 times

Fortnite Battle Royale Curseur

This game Fortnite cursor for a mouse called Battle Royale and it is based on a cool free-to-play video game in the battle royale genre!

Fortnite CollectionDownload 155535 times

VSCO Girl Lemon and Sunflower Curseur

Yellow, like summer sunshine, sour lemon and a real fan of the sun - a sunflower in VSCO girl custom cursor.

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 155279 times

Pusheen on the Phone Curseur

A perfect and cute cat Pusheen also chats with her friends over the phone. Now you can set this adorable little kitty as your everyday mouse cursor with Pusheen on the Phone cute cursor pack.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 155234 times

Fortnite Assault Rifle M4 Curseur

Assault Rifle M4 is a type of weapon, which is designed for long to medium range combat with medium or light ammunition. The game Fortnite cursor for a mouse with Assault Rifle M4!

Fortnite CollectionDownload 154934 times

Fortnite Bushranger Skin Honey Hitters Curseur

Bushranger has ability to blend in the environment make it perfect for camouflage and therefore, a possible reason why Bushranger is hired to be a Ghost operative.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 154782 times

Moto Moto Curseur

Moto Moto is a large, muscular hippopotamus with a deep voice, who loves to flirt with lady hippos using words or chest muscles. The meme cursor and cartoon pointer with Moto Moto!

Memes CollectionDownload 154689 times

Yellow Banana Neon Curseur

Bananas are not only green and ripe, but also neon, like this yellow neon banana cursor.

Neon CollectionDownload 154648 times

Cute Hamster with Donut Curseur

This cute little hamster has a serious addiction to sweets, especially to donuts. Put this little fella on your screen with our Cute Hamster with Donut cursor for your mouse.

Animals CollectionDownload 154462 times

Materials Mother of Pearl Curseur

Mother-of-pearl is the inner layer of the mollusk shell, which has multi-colored overflows and a weak glow. The Mother of Pearl cursor for a mouse!

Materials CollectionDownload 154182 times

Pusheen and Apples Curseur

Apples develop brainpower! Apples improve your memory. That's why cute Pusheen cat loves apples very much and she advises you to eat this tasty fresh fruit. To become a little more healthy add this juicy apple and Pusheen cursor pack!

Pusheen CollectionDownload 153825 times

Avocado Curseur

The amazing exotic fruit Avocado tastes creamy with a combination of nuts and greens. The delicious food cursor and green pointer with Avocado!

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 153348 times

Gravity Falls Mabel Curseur

This cute little girl with long brown hair, braces, and a variety of bright colorful sweaters is called Mabel Pines and she is the character from the funny fantasy animated series Gravity Falls. The cartoon cursor for a mouse with Gravity Falls Mabel Pines!

Gravity Falls CollectionDownload 153345 times

Venom Logo Curseur

What is this creature from the race of alien parasites? This is Venom - the connection of the human body with an alien parasite called the Venom Symbiote. A supervillain in the form of the Marvel cursor with Venom and his black Logo!

Marvel Comics CollectionDownload 153214 times

Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho Curseur

The petite girl Shinobu Kocho is a Demon Slayer and the Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps from the anime cursor for a mouse!

Cute Piece of Cake and Frosted Lemonade Curseur

Keep things as easy as a piece of cake and cool as frozen lemonade. Cute cursor with kawaii cake and happy ice frosted lemonade.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 153014 times

Bob Ross Paint Brush Curseur

The pop-culture icon who encouraged millions of people to explore their creativity and a person who brought us happy little clouds and trees in paintings in twenty-six minutes of television time. A true legend in a Bob Ross Paintbrush custom cursor.

Lifestyle CollectionDownload 152675 times

Starbucks Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte Curseur

Everyone's heard of matcha tea, it's a calming, immune-boosting green powder that's said to do wonders for your body. Hydrating, detoxifying, and caffeinating drinks. And Starbucks offers many matcha drinks on its menu with Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 152604 times

Cute Corn Kernel and Popcorn Curseur

Even corn can feel pressure and the need to be cute, fluffy and Pop-ular. That's why we added it as Cute Corn Kernel and Popcorn cursor from our Cute Cursors collection.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 152432 times

Cat Footstep Curseur

Every cat owner knows what are the cat's footprints, they are everywhere you furry friend goes and in some places that he shouldn't be. Our black cursor cat is no exception, pawning through your websites he leaves prints of his footsteps behind.

Animals CollectionDownload 152240 times

Fortnite Big Mouth Skin Frog Curseur

Big Mouth skin is the epic outfit from the Fearsome Freaks set. The head design is based on Castor’s hood intergraded with sharp teeth and his head replaced with a long, slimy red tongue. The game Fortnite cursor for a mouse with Big Mouth Skin and Frog!

Fortnite CollectionDownload 152000 times

Naruto Boruto and Game Console Curseur

Boruto Uzumaki is the main character in the sequel to the Naruto manga. He is a shinobi from Konohagakure's Uzumaki clan, the eldest child of Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata. Enjoy our anime cursor Naruto Boruto and Game Consol for a mouse!

Naruto CollectionDownload 151893 times

Pusheen Tea-Rex Curseur

Cute Pusheen cat likes drinking tea?! Moreover, she became a cute and harmless green t-rex who wants to have a cup of tea with you. Unfortunately, this is not possible, but you can give this cute cat attention by adding our cute Pusheen cursors.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 151835 times

SpongeBob Bubble Buddy Curseur

Make friends with a sentient soap bubble so that he does not feel lonely. Add this custom cursor from SpongeBob Squarepants series and have fun.

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 150940 times

Minimal Watermelon Curseur

Watermelon is a large summer berry that has an incredible flavor and is an excellent thirst quencher. The Minimal cursor and red pointer with Watermelon!

Minimal Style CollectionDownload 150864 times

Teen Titans Go Cyborg Curseur

This bald man with black eyebrows and lots of metal parts is called Cyborg and he is a technician and inventor on the Teen Titans team. The cartoon Teen Titans Go cursor for a mouse with Cyborg!

DC Comics CollectionDownload 150444 times

Neon Day of The Dead Skull and Candle Curseur

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday dedicated to the memory of loved ones who have passed away. Mexicans light candles, decorate everything with flowers and colored skulls. Bright lights and colors with Neon Day of the Dead Skull and Candle cursor.

Neon CollectionDownload 150394 times

Roblox Adopt Me Albino Bat Curseur

The Albino Bat is a cute ultra-rare pet, which can be obtained from a Bat Box with a 1 of 5 chance. The game Adopt Me cursor with Albino Bat!

Adopt Me! CollectionDownload 150054 times

Blue Rocket and Yellow Stars Neon Curseur

A custom cursor with a neon rocket sign that quickly flies up to the neon stars.

Neon CollectionDownload 150015 times

Neon Candy Cane and Bell Curseur

Decorate the house and your computer screen with the Neon cursor for a mouse with delicious red striped Candy Cane and neon orange Bell!

Neon CollectionDownload 149956 times

Sprite Curseur

Sprite can be a cure! Carbonated beverages such as Sprite can expel some of the gas, thus relieving you of your stomach pain. So, next time you feel little pain, try this method, and add our Sprite mouse cursors so as not to forget about it!

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 149940 times

Among Us Lime Character in Cherry Hat Curseur

You can look cool with the Cherry Hat and the Lime color of your character, also called light green. The Among Us cursor and game pointer!

Among Us CollectionDownload 149853 times

Roblox Adopt Me Frost Fury Curseur

The Frost Fury is a pretty legendary pet, which looks like a long white Chinese-type dragon. The game Adopt Me cursor with Frost Fury!

Adopt Me! CollectionDownload 149819 times

Star Wars Baby Yoda Seeing Stone Curseur

This cute green Mandalorian foundling is called Grogu and is better known as Baby Yoda. The Star Wars cursor with Baby Yoda and Seeing Stone!

Star Wars CollectionDownload 149765 times

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Curseur

To skip Smith's family therapy, Rick turns himself into a pickle, but soon he finds himself in one of the most Die Hard solo adventures ever.

Rick and Morty CollectionDownload 149631 times

Among Us Blue Character in Landing Headset Curseur

Make your astronaut Blue and put on a Landing Headset to look the coolest! The game cursor and Among Us pointer Blue Character in Landing Headset!

Among Us CollectionDownload 149587 times

Fortnite Fennix Skin Spikeclone Pickaxe Curseur

Fennix is a rare outfit from the Fur Force set. Also for the Fennix skin, Spikeclone is perfect - this is an unusual harvesting tool in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The game Fortnite cursor with Fennix Skin and Spikeclone Pickaxe!

Fortnite CollectionDownload 149470 times

Materials Ocean Curseur

Dive in the tranquility that water can give, a symbol of life. Cool as ocean water, 3D mouse cursor, with a texture of waves and depth.

Materials CollectionDownload 149257 times

Arctic Fox Curseur

Mouse cursor with a lovely arctic fox, also called white fox, snow fox or polar fox. Which in the wintertime become very white and fluffy. Real beauty.

Animals CollectionDownload 149161 times

BTS V and Tata Curseur

K-Pop cursor with Kim Tae-hyung, commonly known by his stage name V, from the boy band BTS, with his heart-shaped BT21 character Tata.

K-Pop CollectionDownload 148829 times

Black Lives Matter Curseur

We must learn to live in harmony with ourselves, and this will give us the opportunity to harmonize with people who surround us. All lives matter, despite the race and beliefs a person is. Respect others, thereby respecting yourself.

Lifestyle CollectionDownload 148781 times

Cute Milk Bear and Carrot Curseur

This pretty little Milk Bear came to us from the lovely duo Milk and Mocha Bear to give love. The cute cursor for a mouse with Milk Bear and Carrot!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 148726 times

No This is Patrick Meme Curseur

In episode 5 of season 2, Patrick Star answered calls at the restaurant in. To the question Is this Krusty Krab? he answered, No, it's Patrick! and immediately hung up. The phrase became a popular meme. Cursor No This is Patrick Meme for a mouse!

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 148523 times

The Promised Neverland Emma Curseur

The orange-haired, smart, and positive girl Emma and the arrow with her identification number 63194 in the custom cursor from The Promised Neverland anime series.

Green Dino Neon Curseur

Everyone who loves green and dinosaurs, do not pass by. Just take a look at this cool neon cursor with a luminous brontosaurus. Sumptuously!

Neon CollectionDownload 148149 times

Cute Sandwich and Juice Curseur

A staple of American childhood food, the one and only, peanut butter and jelly sandwich or PB&J for those who are on the rush. The sandwich consists of two slices of bread, one with a layer of tasty peanut butter and the other one with sweet jelly or jam

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 148109 times

Among Us Shrek Character Curseur

If you are a fan of the cartoon green ogre Shrek, then make your humanoid character the same way and add our game Among Us cursor with Shrek Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 147763 times
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