Top downloaded cursors

Our collection of cute custom cursor is giant, currently it consists of the 3395 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions form you on how many times each of cute cursors were downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

TikTok Curseur

A video-sharing social network that thought us to use short-form mobile videos. TikTok was created in Beijing internet technology company ByteDance and now it is one of the most popular video social networks in the world.

Web Media CollectionDownload 1677272 times

3D Pixel Curseur

Wow, these pixels have become voluminous! Black and purple custom cursor in pixel 3D style.

Starter CollectionDownload 1501032 times

Cute Nutella Curseur

A cute cursor with the world's favorite treats Nutella. It is so popular that you can circle the world 1.8 times with the Nutella jars produced in only one year. We created a cute cursor with it. A cute cursor with Bread slice and cute smiling Nutella jar for a pointer.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 1216237 times

Holo Curseur

Stunning holographic abstract cursor in pastel neon color.

Starter CollectionDownload 1088480 times

Interference Curseur

Custom cursor in the style of television interference. Hey dude, fix the tv antenna on the roof!

Starter CollectionDownload 998319 times

Among Us Red Character and Mini Crewmate Curseur

Among Us is a game by Inner Sloth. Red is one of the main colors in the game. Mini crewmate is a pet. It's a smaller version of the player. Add this cool custom cursor with Among Us Red Character and Mini Crewmate!

Among Us CollectionDownload 802500 times

Infinity Gauntlet Curseur

Make your snap with the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet cursor. If you are not Thanos, then feel free to take this custom cursor.

Marvel Comics CollectionDownload 782111 times

Minecraft Iron Pickaxe and Diamond Ore Curseur

Pickaxe, a tool that you definitely need to get the coveted diamond ore! Diamond ore is what makes you scream with delight!

Minecraft CollectionDownload 707190 times

Among Us Character with Egg Hat Curseur

There are two types of characters in the game Among Us, Crewmates or Imposters. In the Among Us game characters are shown as short armless humanoids with small legs wearing a spacesuit. Characters could be players or AI-controlled bots.

Among Us CollectionDownload 697340 times

Supreme Money Gun Curseur

Supreme the Cash Cannon - awesome accessories from the lit brand Supreme are now on your custom cursor. Bundles of cash and a bright Supreme money gun to throw them.

Streetwear CollectionDownload 691784 times

Among Us Impostor and Vent Curseur

The Impostor is one of two roles in the online sci-fi game Among Us. He can move quickly and hide in vents. His main goal is to get rid of the crew members, real identity must be hidden. Cool custom cursor Among Us Impostor and Vent for a mouse!

Among Us CollectionDownload 677553 times

Elmo Rise Meme Curseur

This isn't your average version of Sesame Street children's TV series character Elmo. Rising up victoriously from flames he looks, as if he just won a serious battle or conquered something! Elmo Rise Meme in a custom cursor.

Memes CollectionDownload 665891 times

Pepperoni Pizza Curseur

Pepperoni Pizza is a world-famous dish that originated in Italy. Today you can find many variations of it with different flavors and tastes due to its adaptations to European and American markets. Incredibly tasty Pepperoni Pizza mouse cursor.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 620604 times

Apple AirPods Curseur

Headphones are a musical accessory with which the younger generation is inseparable. I can’t imagine how upset I am if I forget my AirPods at home. And yes, this is the Apple AirPods cursor if you still forgot to take your headphones with you.

Gadgets and Devices CollectionDownload 613766 times

Starbucks Coffee Cup Curseur

Enjoy an energizing cup of coffee with Starbucks Coffee Cup cursor from our Food & Drinks cursor collection.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 609128 times

Marshmello Curseur

Amazing Marshmello mouse cursors! Marshmello is a worldwide phenomenon in the last few years. He is known for producing electronic dance music. Unlike performers like Deadmau5, Marshmello doesn't remove his helmet during his sets.

Cute Bacon and Egg Curseur

Tasty and cute breakfast with bacon and egg in a nutritious custom cursor.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 598447 times

Doritos Curseur

Doritos are insanely popular tortilla chips. Those neon glowing orange triangles of addictively flavored tortilla chips available everywhere, in every supermarket, corner store, or even a vending machine. Doritos Chips tasty custom cursor.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 565810 times

Galaxy Flask Curseur

The galaxy is so large that putting it in the mouse cursor is an incredibly difficult task, but we tried! Custom cursor filled with the Galaxy, with its constellations, stars, planets and other cosmic bodies.

Starter CollectionDownload 555219 times

Starbucks Rainbow Drink Curseur

The secret and coveted Starbucks rainbow drink, also called the Unicorn Tears, was an April Fools' Day prank. But you can still get one as a custom cursor.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 542965 times

Christmas Baby Yoda and Starbucks Cup Curseur

Cute baby Yoda became a sensation after the Star Wars: The Mandalorian. He is moving into the world of food with a Starbucks drink. And the Christmas theme will make only better. Enjoy your mouse cursor with Christmas Baby Yoda and a Starbucks Cup!

Star Wars CollectionDownload 521958 times

Bongo Cat Curseur

Bongo Cat is a famous video meme on the Internet, where a cute drawn cat plays the bongo. Videos began to appear on the network where the cat plays the electric guitar, synthesizer, and even where the cat sings. Custom cursor Bongo Cat for a mouse!

Memes CollectionDownload 485410 times

Uno Reverse Card Meme Curseur

No U! The latest comeback that NO ONE can resist - now is your cursor. Reverse everything in your interests, the UNO Reverse Card cursor will help you with this.

Memes CollectionDownload 483526 times

Kobe Bryant Curseur

US basketball legend Kobe Bryant or as many of us know him, Black Mamba, was one of the most accomplished and celebrated athletes of all time. A custom mouse cursor with NBA Legend Kobe Bryant.

Famous People CollectionDownload 480526 times

Thanos Curseur

Inevitable cursor with Purple Titan and Infinity Gauntlet. Demonstrate enormous superhuman strength with Thanos cursor from our Marvel Comics collection.

Marvel Comics CollectionDownload 473427 times

Among Us Black Character in Wolf Ears Curseur

In the game Among Us, you can use Black color to be cool. The Wolf Ears hat, which is available free for the mystical Halloween holiday, will be perfect for Black color. The game cursor for a mouse from Among Us with Black Character in Wolf Ears!

Among Us CollectionDownload 469631 times

Chrome Dino T-Rex Curseur

Each of us had to meet this dinosaur, but not in the best of circumstances. However, Chrome Dino managed to fall in love with everyone. We didn't go through the game to the end, but we prepared for you a custom cursor Chrome Dino T-Rex.

Starter CollectionDownload 469279 times

Nyan Cat Curseur

Custom cursor Nyan Cat from the famous Internet meme. Add it and lets fly through outer space leaving behind a rainbow and fun.

Memes CollectionDownload 461058 times

OK Boomer Curseur

Ok, Boomer is the perfect answer to whatever comment is used by people under the age of thirty. Ok, Boomer is used instead of eye-rolling in situations when arguing with the grumpy older generation. The funny meme cursor Ok Boomer for a mouse.

Memes CollectionDownload 461040 times

Gucci Curseur

Life is Gucci! Stylish, youthful and expensive - Gucci Cursor.

Streetwear CollectionDownload 455317 times

Among Us White Character in Snowman Hat Curseur

"Among As" is a multiplayer game that players try to repair a futuristic base. Hats are cosmetic items that change the player's appearance but don't provide any effects. Custom Cursor for mouse Among Us White Character and Snowman Hat.

Among Us CollectionDownload 451795 times

Watermelon Arrow Curseur

How about a refreshing fruit? Such a ripe and juicy cursor, try not to eat it. And then what will you click on the buttons?! Better try to use Watermelon Arrow cursor from our Food & Drinks cursor collection.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 450389 times

Yah Yeet Curseur

Yeet is an exclamation that means approval, surprise, or excitement. There was also a new strange dance called Yeet, which made the term popular on the Internet. The term became famous for dancing on the vine. Use cool Yah Yeet cursor for a mouse!

Memes CollectionDownload 433016 times

CMYK Lightning Bolt Curseur

Have you ever tried to print real lightning on a printer? It is so fast and powerful that no printer can print it normally. Black lightning cursor with CMYK effect.

Starter CollectionDownload 432114 times

Purple and Teal Glitter Curseur

These sparks are like magic! Cursor with glitter texture, iridescent purplish-teal color gradient.

Starter CollectionDownload 428685 times

Skittles Curseur

Skittles is a delicious fruit-flavored candy from company Mars Inc. The candies are available in different flavors and colors (the taste depends on the color of the candy). Delicious and sweet Skittles cursor is for you!

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 402949 times

Apple iPhone 11 Curseur

The iPhone 11 is an Apple smartphone introduced on September 10, 2019. The visual difference from other iPhones lies in the color scheme, the number of cameras, and the size. Modern Apple iPhone 11 mouse cursor!

Gadgets and Devices CollectionDownload 402056 times

Uwu and OwO Curseur

UwU is a type of smiley often used to express the emotion of happiness and complacency, also called "happy anime face". OwO is a smiley with open eyes, where the letter w means a cat smile. Cool UwU and OwO cursor for a mouse!

Memes CollectionDownload 393918 times

Copper Glitter Curseur

Hey, are there any glitter fans? Extravagant custom cursor with a copper glitter texture.

Starter CollectionDownload 391064 times

Fortnite Rippley Skin Sludgehammer Curseur

You may complete many tasks to unlock the Rippley skin in Fortnite or just download Rippley Skin Sludgehammer cursor from our Fortnite cursor collection.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 384461 times

Mocking SpongeBob Curseur

Don't show plaid to SpongeBob or he will turn into Mocking SpongeBob cursor from our SpongeBob cursor collection.

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 375786 times

100 Dollars and Bankroll Curseur

You know that wonderful feeling of holding a crisp Benjamin Franklin bill in your hands. Or even better a full roll of $100 dollar bills. We hope that with our 100 Dollars and Bankroll mouse cursor we could get you the inspiration to earn the real thing.

Lifestyle CollectionDownload 363282 times

Fortnite Raven Skin Iron Beak Pickaxe Curseur

Fortnite cursor with Raven Skin and Iron Beak Pickaxe. Raven is one of the most popular skins for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Put this noice Fortnite Skin on your cursor.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 362350 times

Pusheen Breading Curseur

"Breading" is a throw-back to the old Japanese "putting-food-on-rabbits" meme of the early viral web, but now Pusheen cat joined the fun.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 359577 times

Halloween Cute Bat and Voodoo Cat Curseur

A set of cute Halloween characters as festive cursors for you to enjoy. Halloween Cute Bat and Voodoo Cat cursor from our Halloween cursor collection.

Halloween CollectionDownload 355841 times

Billie Eilish Curseur

Billie Eilish is the future. She is a well known American pop singer and songwriter, and she has become one of the most streamed artists on the planet.

SpongeBob Imagination Curseur

We don’t need television, as long as we have our … imagination. SpongeBob Imagination cursor from our SpongeBob cursor collection.

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 347940 times

Fire Curseur

Fire is recognized as a purifier, a destroyer and as the generative power of life, energy and change. It represents illumination and enlightenment, destruction and renewal, spirituality and damnation.

Starter CollectionDownload 346211 times

Peppa Pig Front View Curseur

The front of Peppa Pig’s face, as imagined by teenager KwonHanchi, become a meme and Peppa Pig Front View cursor form our Memes cursor collection.

Memes CollectionDownload 341697 times

Among Us Lime Impostor in Toilet Paper Hat Curseur

Customize your Impostor in Lime color, put on the Toilet Paper Hat, and win everyone in this game! The Among Us cursor for a mouse with Lime Impostor In Toilet Paper Hat!

Among Us CollectionDownload 340632 times

Instagram Curseur

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that has been around since 2010. Instagram is based on the exchange of photos, allows you to take photos and apply filters to these photos. Cool and trendy custom cursor Instagram for a mouse!

Web Media CollectionDownload 330101 times

Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man Meme Curseur

Two people in Spider-Man costumes are pointing at each other that become a meme now as Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man cursor from our Memes cursor collection.

Memes CollectionDownload 325520 times

Twix Curseur

Twix is a delicious chocolate bar made by Mars Incorporated. The Twix package contains two strips of a cookie, caramel, and milk chocolate bar. The name comes from the words Twin and Biscuits. The sweet and tasty chocolate cursor Twix for a mouse!

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 323011 times

Among Us Character in Brainslug Hat and UFO Curseur

There are teammates and hidden killers in "Among Us". The characters are shown as humanoids in a spacesuit. Players customize the look of their characters through skins, hats. Custom Game Cursor "Among Us" with Character in brainslug hat and UFO.

Among Us CollectionDownload 321735 times

Doge Curseur

Doge Cursor inspired by the popular meme with Shiba Inu dog. Do you like dogs? Do you like memes? Do you like custom cursors? - you are lucky this 3 in 1.

Memes CollectionDownload 319350 times

Diamond Curseur

Shine bright like a diamond! Here is a 10-carat diamond cursor specially designed for you. Head over to the Custom Cursor website and take your treasure.

Starter CollectionDownload 309472 times

Random Pixel Curseur

Pixel Art is really popular in games these days, but it also looks good, like Random Pixel cursor from our Color Pixels cursor collection.

Color Pixels CollectionDownload 308931 times

Snapchat Curseur

Life is too short to wait. Snapchat cursor from our Web Media cursor collection.

Web Media CollectionDownload 308193 times

It Pennywise Curseur

Based on Stephen King classic book and turned into It Pennywise cursor from our Movies & TV cursor collection.

Movies & TV CollectionDownload 306871 times

VSCO Girl Water Bottle and Film Camera Curseur

This blue Polaroid is very popular and stylish, will help girls to capture the best moments! And if you're tired during your photoshoot, you have a blue water bottle. The trendy and cute VSCO Girl cursor for a mouse Water Bottle and Film Camera!

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 301323 times

Snickers Curseur

What can make hungry person turn into a happy person? A Snickers cursor from our Food & Drinks cursor collection. Or make him more hungry...

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 301224 times

Gucci Flip Flops Curseur

Gucci Flip Flops is a popular Internet meme from TikTok, which is associated with a song by rapper Bhad Bhabie. TikTok users started making comedy videos for this track. Famous meme cursor for a mouse Gucci Flip Flops!

Streetwear CollectionDownload 299806 times

Rainbow Curseur

It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. And it only takes your will to change your classic cursor to a new and colorful cursor of a rainbow.

Color CollectionDownload 298022 times

Cute Coffee Pot and Donut Curseur

Cute happy smiling coffee pot and tasty donut, what can be better to start your day. Cute Coffee Pot and Donut cursor from our Cute Cursors collection.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 297344 times

Woman Yelling at a Cat Meme Curseur

There a two sides to every situation. Woman Yelling at a Cat Meme cursor from our Memes collection.

Memes CollectionDownload 288711 times

Among Us Blue Character in Crown Curseur

Among Us is a multiplayer video game by the Inner Sloth. Today it is a hit of the season, perfect for playing with friends. You can choose blue skin and crown and be unique and cool as our custom cursor Among Us Blue Character in Crown for a pointer!

Among Us CollectionDownload 288307 times

Push It Somewhere Else Patrick Curseur

The meme with a lazy pink starfish Patrick called Push It Somewhere Else, which was created from a fragment of the series when Patrick Star suggested possible solutions to the problem. The fun cartoon meme cursor Push It Somewhere Else Patrick!

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 288235 times

PewDiePie Curseur

Felix Kjellberg also known as PewDiePie, is one of the highest-earning and popular YouTubers now as PewDiePie cursor from our YouTubers cursor collection.

YouTubers CollectionDownload 286981 times

Roblox Dabbing Noob Curseur

He bears the look of a stereotypical noob in Roblox, but DAT noob can dab! Roblox Dabbing Noob cursor from our Games cursor collection.

Roblox CollectionDownload 286922 times

YouTube Curseur

Broadcast Yourself! Video sharing platform with a mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world. YouTube cursor from our Web Media cursor collection.

Web Media CollectionDownload 285401 times

Among Us Orange Character and Dead Body Curseur

Some Impostor eliminated Orange Character and now he is dead. Why is it orange? Because orange is one of the main colors in Among Us, which the player can customize. The cool game cursor Among Us Orange Character and Dead Orange Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 278019 times

Lamborghini Countach Curseur

The Lamborghini Miura might be the original supercar, but the Countach defines the genre. Lamborghini Countach cursor from our Supercars cursor collection.

Supercars CollectionDownload 275768 times

Pringles the Original Curseur

The original taste of Pringles, with salted potato chips in the crispy custom cursor.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 274382 times

Naruto Kakashi Hatake Katana Curseur

Kakashi Hatake is a sneaky, snarky ninja who serves as sensei of Team 7, and also as The Big Guy and The Smart Guy. Kakashi Hatake cursor from Naruto collection.

Naruto CollectionDownload 274375 times

Hot Dog and Cola Curseur

Nothing goes great with a nice, sunny day like a juicy hotdog and cola for you to indulge. Hot Dog and Cola cursor from our Food & Drinks cursor collection.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 273102 times

Kirby With A Knife Meme Curseur

The Kirby with Knife is an image of a Kirby holding a knife with the inscription"This guy has been standing outside my place for the past 30 minutes. I've called the police but they haven't shown up". A hilarious meme cursor Kirby with a Knife Meme.

Memes CollectionDownload 272957 times

Minecraft Water Bucket and Sword Curseur

Info for Minecraft lovers! Water buckets can be filled by placing an empty one in the fuel slot of a furnace, and a wet sponge into the oven slot. To get more interesting information, show your activity, and add Minecraft cursor pack!

Minecraft CollectionDownload 272792 times

Iron Man Endgame Helmet Tony Stark Curseur

Iron Man who made the ultimate sacrifice by wielding the Infinity Gauntlet and putting an end to Thanos’ invasion now as a cursor from our Marvel Comics cursor collection.

Marvel Comics CollectionDownload 272752 times

Increasingly Buff SpongeBob Curseur

Increasingly Buff SpongeBob is a popular meme, which is based on an episode from the SpongeBob SquarePants. This is a humorous attempt to reflect someone's anger or readiness to lose control. The funny meme cursor Increasingly Buff SpongeBob!

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 272700 times

Fortnite Zero Skin Black Hole Curseur

Skin Zero is a creature from a black hole in the Fortnight, which hung over the Fortnight after the end of season 10. It comes with Black Hole, a legendary Battle Royale Back Bling. The fantastic game cursor from Fortnite with Zero Skin Black Hole!

Fortnite CollectionDownload 272529 times

Pusheen Vampurr with Donut Curseur

Pusheen Vampurr is a sweet, curious cat that acquired a new look - the form of a vampire, which makes her even more mysterious. Catch the vibe and add Pusheen Vampurr and donut in a cute cursor pack.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 271705 times
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