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Material is a substance or mixture of substances that constitute an object, in our case, a cursor. In this Materials cursor collection, we gathered a whole bunch of improbable cursor materials and made cursors with them for a bright and shiny result. Every material has its own properties that make them useful for different jobs, but we will use them for a different cause, for cursors.

Our improbable cursor materials include water, which is a clean material, but with added ocean color and waves, making it an amazing cursor to see on your screen. A cheese material, which is great for your mac and cheese, or a sandwich, but we are using it for a different purpose, for a tasty, mice-attracting cursor. A strong material of stone melted into lava, with this hot and hard cursor you will be able to navigate sites with ease. Jelly is good for your belly, but what if it would be used as a green and bright mouse cursor?

Play with these material cursors for your mouse, where you can find FanArt or our own cursors, and pick the ones you like best from our Materials Balloon Cursor, cursor made from Amethyst, Blueberry Pie Materials cursor, Ocean material cursor, and more.


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