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Gadgets and Devices

Gadgets and devices are becoming an everyday thing in our life. A gadget is a smart technological object that has its own function. They are often thought of as a novelty. The gadget is a technical device with enhanced functionality and limited possibilities. But devices are a wider technical gizmo but still used by us to achieve our goals.

In everyday life, we use dozens of them every day and we can easily say that we can't live without them. Just the idea that some devices may disappear from your life is just scary. How would you do without your laptop, or your iPhone, TV, or Game console? It's unimaginable.

That why this Gadgets and Devices collection of fanart cursors we dedicate to our favorite tech appliances, gadgets, and devices that surround us, or we wish to have them. We have already in our fanart collection: Apple AirPods cursor, the new iPhone 11 cursor, Nintendo Wii console cursor, Segway Ninebot cursor, Oculus Rift VR headset cursor, and many more will be added later...


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