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Supercars - a huge temptation. The beauty! Their shapes and lines! Huge overpowered motors! And the feeling that you have never dreamed of anything else in your whole life! That feeling is like you are stuck in one frame of the movie, and life is in overcoming huge distances with unbelievable speeds and sheer joy.

Your dreams of an alpine highway and of dropping a gear or two in a tunnel and growling even louder with a revving engine...

Supercars are also interesting because we know everything about them, admire them, and praise them, but most of us will never own them.

These are wonderful dreams and maybe even better they remain as a simple idealized dreams. But we present some of these supercar dreams to you in our FanArt collection of supercar cursors. All logos and designs belong to their rightful owners, our images are not more than free FanArt cursors. No matter which car cursor pack you will choose, their perfect shapes, famous logos, and everything that a real supercar dreamer needs.


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