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Have you met this guy? Gudetama is a Japanese character created by Sanrio, whose name comes from the Japanese words "gude" for lazy or lacking energy and "tama" for the egg. Gudetama is a lazy egg yolk with a humanoid face and an idle attitude to everything - as you can see in various kawaii cursor packs from our fanart Gudetama cursor collection.

Gudetama is often depicted lying down, sleeping, or remaining apathetic about anything happening around it. The character's expressions range from neutral to grumpy, frequently accompanied by quirky phrases that reflect their lack of motivation. Despite their lazy demeanor, Gudetama has become popular in Japan and other parts of the planet, appealing to children and adults.

Gudetama's design is so simple and so adorable due to its rounded, yellow body and a crack on the top of its eggshell head. It is often seen wearing a white shell, representing its eggshell. In our fanart Gudetama cursor collection, this egg is also depicted with various accessories or food like Gudetama on Toast cursor, Gudetama And Chopsticks cursor, Gudetama And Strawberry cursor, Christmas Gudetama cursor, and many other cursors, where you can see this lazy guy.

While Gudetama's lazy personality may seem at odds with Sanrio's typical cute characters, it has struck a chord with many people who can relate to the character's lack of energy and enthusiasm. This character has become a symbol of embracing one's laziness and taking time to relax and recharge, which is resonated with many people in today's fast-paced and stressful world.


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