Top downloaded cursors

Our collection of cute custom cursor is giant, currently it consists of the 4945 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions form you on how many times each of cute cursors were downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Tyler Ninja Curseur

This American professional gamer and streamer is called Richard Tyler Blevins, but he is better known on the Internet as Ninja. The amazing YouTuber cursor for a mouse with Tyler Ninja!

YouTubers CollectionDownload 204641 times

Minimal Chick Curseur

Look what a cute bird has just hatched, this is a little chick of a hen and a rooster! The yellow minimal cursor for a mouse with a chick!

Minimal Style CollectionDownload 204434 times

Minecraft Rose and Iron Golem Curseur

Iron golems are able to spawn Roses in their hands and offer them to villagers, symbolizing the friendly relationship between the villagers and golems.

Minecraft CollectionDownload 204395 times

Minecraft Ender Dragon Egg Curseur

Meet the Dragon Ender and he is a dangerous flying enemy boss mob, which has the decorative block Dragon Egg, which is the rarest item. The game Minecraft cursor and pixel pointer with Ender Dragon Egg!

Minecraft CollectionDownload 204310 times

Among Us Sky Character Curseur

If you want to be unique, Sky skin will help you! Just look at this sky in purple color with pink clouds! The game Among Us cursor with Sky Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 203966 times

Color Lines Curseur

Stylish and light three-color cursor, consisting of straight lines.

Starter CollectionDownload 203778 times

Roblox Adopt Me Arctic Reindeer Curseur

The Arctic Reindeer is a pretty legendary pet that can be obtained from the Christmas Egg. The game Roblox cursor Adopt Me Arctic Reindeer!

Adopt Me! CollectionDownload 202975 times

Spongebob Krusty Krab Pizza Curseur

Lovely yellow character Spongebob and red Krusty Krab with delicious pizza in the form of the cartoon cursor with Spongebob and Krusty Krab with Pizza!

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 203077 times

Demon Slayer Inosuke Hashibira Curseur

Proud and hot-tempered warrior Inosuke, raised by wild boars, and his Nichirin Blade in the cursor pack from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Dragon Ball Goku Curseur

Goku is a guy with dark eyes, spiky black hair, a Saiyan who was sent in infancy to destroy the Earth. The anime cursor for a mouse with Dragon Ball Goku!

Dragon Ball CollectionDownload 202763 times

Roblox Adopt Me Pink Cat Curseur

A Pink Cat is a very uncommon pet in the Roblox Adopt Me! game and it only could be found in the pink egg during the Pet Update. But if you do have that Pink Cat pink egg that you can hatch that cute little kitty. A cute cursor with Pink Cat.

Adopt Me! CollectionDownload 202461 times

VSCO Girl Hibiscus and Palms Curseur

Catch the summer vibes using this tropical aesthetic cursor with Hawaiian hibiscus flowers and palm silhouettes.

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 202074 times

Darling in the Franxx Zero Two Curseur

A heroine of the Darling in Franxx also known as Darli Fra TV anime series Zero Two. Zero Two is a human-klaxo sapiens hybrid. In APE Special Forces she is known as Parasite 002 or Partner Killer. Darling in the Franxx Zero Two and candy anime cursor.

Anime CollectionDownload 201997 times

Pusheen and Lots of Ice Cream Curseur

How to escape in extreme heat?! It seems that Pusheen the cat has come up with an ideal way - you just need to stock up on an immodest portion of ice cream. Cute cursor with Pusheen and a large portion of delicious ice cream.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 201862 times

My Melody and Flowers Curseur

A white rabbit named My Melody, or just My Melo, Hello Kitty's best friend, and her bouquet of flowers in a cute cursor pack.

Sanrio CollectionDownload 201150 times

Sanic & Ugandan Knuckles Curseur

Meet the blue Sonic and the red Ugandan Knuckles - Nackles' cousin from Uganda. The funny meme cursor for a mouse with Sanic and Ugandan Knuckles!

Memes CollectionDownload 200981 times

Spotify Curseur

Spotify is an internet service for a wide variety of content such as music tracks, podcasts, and videos. The green web cursor for a mouse Spotify!

Web Media CollectionDownload 200766 times

Among Us Tan Character in Ninja Mask Curseur

If you love the popular game Among Us and want to become a ninja, then this is possible with our game cursor for a mouse from Among Us with Tan Character in Ninja Mask!

Among Us CollectionDownload 200518 times

Michael Jordan Curseur

The legendary NBA basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls for a long time, Michael Jordan, the man who turned big basketball into real art in an air custom cursor.

Famous People CollectionDownload 200444 times

Spider-Man Miles Morales Logo Curseur

The incredibly cool Spider-Man cursor for a mouse and Marvel Comics pointer with Miles Morales Logo!

Marvel Comics CollectionDownload 200311 times

Among Us Brown Character in Antlers Curseur

If you love cute Deer animals or a Christmas theme, the game cursor and Among Us pointer with Brown Character in Antlers Hat are for you!

Among Us CollectionDownload 200112 times

VSCO Girl Save the Turtles Curseur

VSCO girls show their concern for the environment, they often insert “save the turtles” into their conversations, asking to use metal reusable straws instead of plastic.

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 199845 times

Google Curseur

Who didn't know, Google is the world's largest Internet search engine, owned by Google Inc. The Web cursor for a mouse with Google!

Web Media CollectionDownload 199809 times

Roblox Adopt Me Horse Curseur

The Horse is an ultra-rare pet from the game Adopt Me!. The Horse has a brown body, pink ears, black mane, and tail. If you use the Neon Horse, its mane, tail, ears, and paws glow bright blue. The game cursor for a pointer Roblox Adopt Me Horse!

Adopt Me! CollectionDownload 199403 times

Cute Strawberry Curseur

Strawberry is a tasty, sweet summer berry, which can be chocolate covered as it is an incredibly tasty dessert. Smiling and cute Strawberries will decorate any holiday. The cute cursor and pointer Cute Strawberry!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 199053 times

Jelly and Logo Curseur

Jelle Van Vucht or Jelly is a Dutch YouTuber, who popular for his gaming videos, vlogs, and Q&A videos. The YouTuber cursor with Jelly and Logo!

YouTubers CollectionDownload 199091 times

Among Us Brown Character in Banana Hat Curseur

Use the popular Brown color, the Banana Hat for your character, and our game Among Us cursor for your mouse with Brown Character in Banana Hat!

Among Us CollectionDownload 199112 times

Neon Lollipop and Candy Curseur

Lollipops are one of the oldest and simplest to make candies in the world. First lollipops were probably created by cave people who collected honey from a beehive with a stick. Neon Lollipop and Candy in a sweet mouse cursor.

Neon CollectionDownload 198885 times

Hologram Glitter Curseur

For true glitter and hologram lovers, we have prepared an incredibly beautiful cursor and pointer Hologram Glitter!

Starter CollectionDownload 198897 times

UnspeakableGaming Curseur

This American gaming YouTuber is called Nathan and he became popular thanks to his Minecraft videos. The cool YouTuber cursor for a mouse with UnspeakableGaming and Logo!

YouTubers CollectionDownload 198651 times

SpongeBob Surprised Patrick Curseur

Yellow SpongeBob SquarePants and pink starfish Patrick opened their mouths in surprise! The cartoon cursor with SpongeBob Surprised Patrick!

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 198322 times

Cute Sandwich Cookie and Cocoa Curseur

If you like delicious sweets, then make warm cocoa with marshmallows, a mini sandwich cookie with butter, and also add our cute cursor for a mouse!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 198312 times

Autumn Pusheen Curseur

Everyone's favorite beautiful gray cat Pusheen loves autumn because she loves to lie and enjoy autumn leaves in red, yellow, and orange colors. The cute cat cursor for a mouse with Autumn Pusheen!

Pusheen CollectionDownload 198036 times

Super Mario Curseur

Meet Mario - the main character of the popular Mario media franchise. The game Super Mario cursor for a mouse!

Super Mario CollectionDownload 197810 times

Among Us Eevee Character Curseur

For fans of the space game Among Us and cartoon Pokemon characters, we've created the Among Us cursor for a mouse with a brown Eevee Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 197375 times

Hanako-kun Hanako Curseur

The ghost living in the female toilet on the third floor of the Kamome Academy - Hanako and two hakujoudai in a custom cursor from the Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun anime series.

Hatsune Miku and Leek Curseur

This girl with blue eyes and two long tails is called Hatsune Miku and she is a mascot and the first Japanese Vocaloid from the Character Vocal Series. The anime cursor for a mouse with Hatsune Miku and Leek!

Anime CollectionDownload 197462 times

Ice Cream Dessert Curseur

Looking to cool down and enjoy something sweet? These ice cream cursor desserts from our Food & Drinks cursor collection will satisfy your sweet-tooth.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 197441 times

Big Chungus Curseur

The hilarious image of the fat rabbit Bugs Bunny has quickly become a popular Internet meme! The funny meme cursor for a mouse with Big Chungus!

Memes CollectionDownload 196027 times

Squidward Dab Curseur

Squidward Dab from video of a park employee doing The Dab while costumed as Squidward character at Universal Studios Orlando.

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 195839 times

Gudetama Curseur

The eggs are so lazy, just look at this Gudetama egg yolk cursor.

Sanrio CollectionDownload 195612 times

Cute Cotton Candy Curseur

Cotton candy was made by the dentist! Believe it or not, a dentist named Dr. William Morrison invented the sugary treat in 1897. Thereby for cotton candy lovers, we made these cute mouse cursors. They will really make your computer work more enjoyable!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 195296 times

Ghost Pusheen and Basket of Sweets Curseur

Halloween is a mystical holiday of the year celebrated in the world on the night of October 31 to November 1. Pusheen decided to dress up as a ghost, take a pumpkin, and go for sweets. Cute mouse cursor with Ghost Pusheen and basket with sweets pack!

Pusheen CollectionDownload 195113 times

Star Wars Stormtrooper G-11F Blaster Rifle Curseur

A real stormtrooper has no room for sympathy. A real stormtrooper is the extension of the First Order, of Supreme Leader Snoke's will, nothing less.

Star Wars CollectionDownload 195323 times

Ariana Grande Curseur

Ariana Grande is a beautiful American singer, songwriter, and actress who has a Grammy award. The music cursor for a mouse with Ariana Grande and pink logo!

Chicken Nuggets Curseur

Chicken Nuggets is a real kid-pleaser! Adults enjoy this tasty appetizer, too! Served warm with your favorite dipping sauces if desired.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 194655 times

Nike Curseur

Just do it! Ok, we made a Nike cursor. Charge yourself with sport, style and comfort with your favorite brand of clothing and accessories.

Streetwear CollectionDownload 194191 times

Shrek Wazowski Curseur

Many people love the cool cartoon characters Mike Wazowski and Shrek. The funny meme cursor for a mouse with Shrek Wazowski!

Memes CollectionDownload 193912 times

Among Us Purple Character in Flower Hat Curseur

Make your character purple color and put on the Flower Hat to be very cute. The Among Us cursor and game pointer Purple Character in Flower Hat!

Among Us CollectionDownload 193806 times

Roblox Piggy Curseur

Epic cursor with Player Piggy and its baseball bat from the Roblox survival horror game Piggy.

Roblox CollectionDownload 193626 times

Cute Dolphin Curseur

Very smart, funny and friendly dolphin in the mouse cursor from the Cute collection of free cursors.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 193552 times

Cute Yoga Bulldog Curseur

The cute Bulldog decided to do yoga. Let's not bother him and enjoy the cute cursor for a mouse with a pretty dog named Yoga Bulldog!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 192972 times

Baby Groot and Rocket Curseur

Rocket and Groot, as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, have a special relationship. Baby Groot and Rocket cursor.

Marvel Comics CollectionDownload 192729 times

Chocolate Bar Curseur

Have you ever dreamed to bite into a milky chocolate bar? To feel how this sweet goodness melts in your mouth. What could be better than that? We are visualizing those dreams with a sweet and tasty Chocolate Bar cursor from our Food mouse cursors.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 192557 times

Cute Catctus Curseur

Many people love a thorny green Cactus and pretty fluffy cats. We decided to combine these favorite things into one cute cursor for a mouse called Cute Catctus!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 192376 times

Dat Boi Curseur

Waddup! Green 3d frog riding a unicycle, obviously not what you were looking for your custom cursor. But you are here and look at it - Dat Boi for all memes lovers.

Memes CollectionDownload 192096 times

Cute Corgi Puppy Curseur

Cute corgi is very friendly and upbeat puppies who love their owners, friends, and children. The dog cursor for a mouse with Cute Corgi Puppy!

Dogs and Puppies CollectionDownload 192111 times

Pink Anemone Flower Curseur

Beautiful cursor with the flower anemone, which is also called as a windflower. An ancient legend says that this flower was named after the windy loveable youth Adonis.

Lifestyle CollectionDownload 192023 times

Cute Westie Dog Curseur

Cute Westie is a very playful, kind, and curious dog who loves adventure and games. The dog cursor for a mouse with a beautiful Cute Westie!

Dogs and Puppies CollectionDownload 191799 times

Star Wars Rey Skywalker Lightsaber Curseur

Meet Rey Skywalker and she is a Force-sensitive human woman who became a Jedi during the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. The Star Wars cursor for a mouse!

Star Wars CollectionDownload 191762 times

Chinese Takeout Noodles Curseur

Noodles instead of birthday cake! Surprisingly, in some cultures, noodles are a staple on holidays and can also be served instead of a birthday cake. We know there are noodle lovers among you, so add these custom food cursor pack, make your mouse tasty!

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 191733 times

Hummingbird and Fuchsia Flower Curseur

Thumbelina in the bird world. The smallest bird, a lover of nectar - Hummingbirds and a Fuchsia flower in a custom cursor pack.

Animals CollectionDownload 191601 times

Minimal Star Curseur

In the night sky, you can see incredibly beautiful stars and this is one of the most impressive views. The Minimal cursor and yellow Star pointer!

Minimal Style CollectionDownload 191522 times

We Bare Bears Grizz and Panda Curseur

Grizzly and Panda are two of three brothers trying to fit in and make friends... We Bare Bears Grizz and Panda cursor from our Cartoons cursor collection.

Cartoons CollectionDownload 191161 times

Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka Curseur

Powerful swordsman, Demon Slayer and member the Demon Slayer Corps - the fair Giyu Tomioka, and his sword in the anime cursor from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series.

Abstract Space Curseur

The incredibly beautiful abstract Space consists of space objects, including our planet and bright stars. The unbelievable Abstract Space cursor!

Starter CollectionDownload 191009 times

Bendy and the Ink Machine Curseur

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a survival puzzle computer game. The survival game cursor for a mouse with Bendy and The Ink Machine!

Fortnite iKONIK Skin Red Lead Swinger Pickaxe Curseur

As the main Fortnite promotional star of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, IKONIK skin is inspired by Jung Chanwoo from the Korean pop band iKON.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 190910 times

VSCO Girl Ocean Waves and Whale Curseur

See who is there floating on the blue waves of the ocean? It's a lovely big blue whale! It floats right towards you to ask you to add this cute VSCO cursor for a mouse with Ocean Waves and Whale!

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 190369 times

Naruto Gaara Sandbox Curseur

Gaara is a shinobi of Sunagakure with green eyes, short brown hair, and fair skin. The Naruto cursor and anime pointer with Gaara Sandbox!

Naruto CollectionDownload 190087 times

Harry Potter Hagrid Umbrella Curseur

This half-human, half-giant with long hair and a beard is called Rubeus Hagrid and he is the keeper of keys and grounds of Hogwarts. Harry Potter cursor for a mouse with Hagrid and Umbrella!

Harry Potter CollectionDownload 189987 times

Fortnite Iris Skin Pop Axe Curseur

Iris is a Rare quality skin that was initially thought to be part of a Samsung related promotion. But those rumors have turned out to be unconfirmed.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 189896 times

Palm Tree and Flamingo Neon Curseur

Flamingos are always on the trend especially when its warm outside and you want to hang out by palm trees or gaze upon those pink beautiful flamingos. Flamingos and palm trees are the things that come to mind when you think about Caribbean idyll.

Neon CollectionDownload 189898 times

Spiderman Curseur

This superhero of the Marvel comics is called Spider-Man. Peter Parker was an ordinary guy until he was bitten by a radioactive spider, after which he discovered the ability and power. The Marvel cursor for a mouse with Spiderman!

Marvel Comics CollectionDownload 189543 times

Joker Curseur

This DC Comics supervillain is called Joker and is Batman's arch-nemesis. The amazing DC comics cursor for a mouse with Joker!

DC Comics CollectionDownload 189345 times

Neon Flip Flops and Waves Curseur

Another summer-themed neon cursor with everything you need for true summer fun. Warm and blue ocean waves as a pointer with a bright and light pink flip flops. Combined together in the Neon Flip Flops and Waves summer cursor.

Neon CollectionDownload 189270 times

Nike Air Max 97 Curseur

The incredibly cool fanart cursor for a mouse with the wavy lines of the NIKE AIR MAX 97 sneakers inspired by Japanese high-speed trains.

Streetwear CollectionDownload 189301 times

Fat Yoshi Meme Curseur

Fat Yoshi, also known as Big Yoshi, refers to an artistic re-rendering of a large Yoshi from the Super Mario game Super Mario RPG. Fat Yoshi Meme cursor from our Memes cursor collection.

Memes CollectionDownload 189078 times
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