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Funny Cats

Cats for several years held the title of the cutest and funniest animals on the Internet. Memes with cats never get old and the number of pictures with funny cats is growing every year. It is hard to find someone who has not heard of the Grumpy Cat. The image of a gloomy cat became an Internet sensation and the ancestor of the craze for funny cats. The unusual facial expression of the animal and the comical appearance instantly made her an Internet sensation and a well-remembered meme.

And she is not the only cat fooling around there. The Internet is packed with photos of cats doing all kinds of silly stuff. In 2006 LOLcats were added to the cat addicted part of the internet with an all-time famous Caturday and I Can Have Cheezburger. Followed by Ceiling cat, Longcat, Maru, Nyan cat, and many more.

In our Funny Cats cursor collection, we are gathering for you all kinds of cats in the form of fanart and our own cursors, from just simply cutest kittens to a true internet sensation such as Confused red cat cursor, Sad cat meme cursor, Grumpy cat cursor, bread cat cursor and many more.


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