Top downloaded cursors

Our collection of cute custom cursor is giant, currently it consists of the 4945 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions form you on how many times each of cute cursors were downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Painter Curseur

If you love paintings, creativity, paints, and brushes then this job cursor and work pointer with Painter are for you! An artist is a creative person who knows how to transfer his experiences, thoughts, and impressions to paper using paints, pencils, and the like.

Job CollectionDownload 144220 times

Minecraft Obsidian and Diamond Pickaxe Curseur

In the Minecraft game, similar to real life, obsidian is formed when flowing water hits a lava source block. That doesn't need to happen intentionally, you can naturally find it in places where water from a spring or a lake flows over a nearby lava pool.

Minecraft CollectionDownload 144174 times

Roblox Adopt Me Snow Owl Curseur

The Snow Owl is a limited Legendary pet, which has a light blue body with blue and white feathers. The Adopt Me cursor and game pointer with Snow Owl!

Adopt Me! CollectionDownload 144102 times

Chococat Curseur

Chococat is a cute energetic black cat, one of the characters from Sanrio. The Chococat got its name from his chocolate-colored nose. He has a mustache with which he can collect information. The cute and cartoon Sanrio cursor with Chococat!

Sanrio CollectionDownload 144043 times

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Stellar Axe Curseur

The unique Galaxy skin offered by Samsung and Epic Games last year was very much in demand, especially since it was available only for a limited time.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 143867 times

Colourful Comet and Earth Neon Curseur

Neon custom cursor with planet Earth and a Comet flying by. Make a wish!

Neon CollectionDownload 143793 times

Undertale Gaster Blaster Curseur

Gaster Blasters are skull-shaped weapons used by Sans in the fight with the player while battling them in Undertale's Genocide Route.

White N Black Curseur

A nice checked pattern for your cursor and pointer in a White N Black cursor pack.

Starter CollectionDownload 143431 times

Materials Donut Curseur

For lovers of delicious and sweet food, we have prepared a pink cursor for a mouse with Materials Donut, that looks like a glazed round pie.

Materials CollectionDownload 143315 times

Fortnite Captain America Skin Proto-Adamantium Shield Curseur

Super Soldier Steve Rogers is now at Fortnite! And accordingly, we have for you this superhero cursor with the Fortnite Captain America skin and his Proto-Adamantium Shield back bling from the Avengers set.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 143186 times

Among Us Naruto Character Curseur

Do you like to spend your free time playing the game Among Us or watching Naruto anime? Then enjoy this Among Us cursor with Naruto Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 143063 times

Wolf Curseur

The Grey Wolf is also known as Timber Wolf in North America are legendary because of their spine-tingling howl. Now you can set this strong animal as your mouse cursor with the Wolf cursor pack.

Animals CollectionDownload 143145 times

John Wick Pencil Curseur

This muscular strong man is called Johnathan Wick and he is a legendary hitman, who previously worked for the Tarasov Mob until his retirement. A famous movie cursor for a mouse with John Wick and Pencil!

Movies & TV CollectionDownload 143176 times

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Curseur

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are American candy that has a salty-sweet taste, is a chocolate cup with peanut butter inside. Candy was created in 1928 by the Hershey Company. A sweet and tasty cursor for a mouse with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 143076 times

Artistic Geometric Shape Curseur

If you like abstraction, unusual designs, and art, then get inspired by this pink cursor and purple pointer with Artistic Geometric Shape!

Starter CollectionDownload 142994 times

Neon Skateboard and Rock Hand Curseur

This neon red and pink board with four blue wheels is called a skateboard. The sign of the horns is used by rockers and metalheads as a sign of approval for an artist. The custom cursor Neon Skateboard and Rock Hand for a mouse!

Neon CollectionDownload 142967 times

Pusheen in Jack o'Lantern Curseur

The Halloween term jack o’lantern first was used for people. But we invented a new meaning for the term. Pusheen in a pumpkin is what the term jack-o’-lantern means. Pusheen will become a new attribute of Halloween, so add this bright cursor with Pusheen!

Pusheen CollectionDownload 142802 times

Neon Jellyfish Curseur

When we talk about a sea animal with a transparent body and tentacles, thoughts of jellyfish come to mind. The neon cursor with Jellyfish!

Neon CollectionDownload 142851 times

Among Us Yellow Character in Cheese Hat Curseur

If you love the game Among Us and cheese, put it all together in our game Among Us cursor for a mouse with Yellow Character in Cheese Hat!

Among Us CollectionDownload 142767 times

Among Us Pepsi Character Curseur

If you love playing the wonderful game Among Us while drinking the sweet soda Pepsi, then enjoy this Among Us сursor with Pepsi Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 142693 times

Cursoji - Nibbler Curseur

This funny cursor kid has strong enough teeth. I would not want him to bite me)). Emoji and cursor collaboration in cursor pack with nice Nibbler face.

Cursoji CollectionDownload 142670 times

SpongeBob Squidward Clarinet Curseur

This turquoise octopus with purple suction cups is called Squidward Tentacles and he is a grumpy neighbor for Patrick Star and SpongeBob. The cartoon cursor for a mouse from SpongeBob SquarePants with Squidward and Clarinet!

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 142623 times

VSCO Girl Wi-Fi and Phone Curseur

Two things in love with each other - Wi-Fi and a mobile phone. Promise to be together in cursor pack, till dead battery do us part.

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 142554 times

Aquarelle Jellyfish Curseur

Jellyfishes can be not only white or transparent, depending on the species and location they can have quite attractive colors. Our blubber jelly comes in colors ranging from light blue to dark purple. Add our Aquarelle Jellyfish colorful cursor.

Animals CollectionDownload 142117 times

Cute Yogurt and Jelly Curseur

If you are looking for a light snack, then our couple of adorable friends are sure to please you! The cute cursor with purple yogurt and pink jelly!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 142069 times

Sweatshirt Ear Kid Meme Curseur

Meme of a boy with a sweatshirt hood over his head save for his ears turns around with a grin on his face while "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dogg plays, now as cursor in Memes.

Memes CollectionDownload 141983 times

Cute Turtle Curseur

The small smiling Turtle is not only a very pretty animal but also very strong and long-lived. The cute cursor and animal pointer with green Turtle!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 141790 times

Harry Styles Curseur

Mouse cursor with the popular English singer Harry Styles famous for his part in One Direction and the pointer with TPWK logo, which means Treat People With Kindness.

Rainbow Fire Curseur

It is unforgettable when a rainbow bonfire is burning as if you’re in a fairy tale. It's possible because fire is a burning process and using different chemicals, you can see a fire with the colors of the rainbow! Bright and colorful cursor Rainbow Fire!

Starter CollectionDownload 141500 times

Pop-Eyed Pusheen Curseur

I wonder what's with the Pusheen the cat?! Does she have a feeling of surprise or excitement?

Pusheen CollectionDownload 141407 times

Minecraft Cocoa Beans and Cookies Curseur

Cookies in Minecraft can be made from cocoa beans and wheat. You need two wheat and one cocoa bean. You can grow wheat in the garden. Cocoa beans grow in the jungle. Use our delicious mouse cursor with Minecraft Cocoa Beans and Cookie.

Minecraft CollectionDownload 141124 times
YouTubers CollectionDownload 141078 times

Dream and Logo Curseur

Clay, known online as Dream, is a popular American gaming YouTuber who is the greatest and most experienced Minecraft player. Clay is also a Minecraft speedrunner who was a record holder of the RSG Minecraft Java. The custom cursor Dream and logo!

YouTubers CollectionDownload 141019 times

Soccer Boot Curseur

To score a good goal, your foot must be equipped with shoe of which you are sure. So, put a Football boot on your cursor and complete all the goals with your PC.

Sport CollectionDownload 140817 times

The Promised Neverland Norman Curseur

A mathematical genius, a smart boy with a strategic mind named Norman and his Grace Field House identification number 22194 in the anime cursor from The Promised Neverland series.

Cute Crayon Curseur

If you love to draw beautiful drawings or write bright inscriptions, then these wax crayons will definitely help you! The cute cursor with crayons!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 140559 times

Demon Slayer Mitsuri Kanroji Curseur

Passionate and kind Mitsuri Kanroji, also called the Hashira of Love, beautiful member of the Demon Slayer Corps, and her very thin and flexible sword in the anime cursor from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series.

Howl's Moving Castle Calcifer Curseur

May all your bacon burn! Anime cursor with a Fire Demon named Calcifer, which serves the of castle Howl in accordance with the magic contract from the Howl's Moving Castle cartoon.

Anime CollectionDownload 140459 times

Orange Peach Neon Curseur

Inedible, but seemingly the same appetizing peach in the neon mouse cursor.

Neon CollectionDownload 140482 times

SpongeBob Breath in Boi Curseur

A SpongeBob meme that is used to show the obvious stuff. Hands are in a prayer state while you breathe in and then out and then while hands in the same state point down.

SpongeBob CollectionDownload 140346 times

Minecraft Amethyst Cluster and Amethyst Shard Curseur

The Amethyst Cluster is the final growth stage of the amethyst buds that drop Amethyst Shards. The game Minecraft cursor and purple pixel pointer!

Minecraft CollectionDownload 140083 times

Minimal Strawberry Curseur

Many people love tasty, juicy, and sweet red strawberry because this is one of the most popular summer berries. The Minimal cursor Strawberry!

Minimal Style CollectionDownload 139860 times

Neon Makeup Brush and Mirror Curseur

In order for the makeup to be perfect and the cosmetics to be applied well, special brushes and a mirror are definitely needed. This bright colorful neon cursor for a mouse with Neon Makeup Brush and Mirror will help you not to forget these facts!

Neon CollectionDownload 139844 times

Pusheen and Pancakes Curseur

Have a wonderful breakfast with the cutest cat of them all Pusheen. This adorable kitty also enjoys a good healthy breakfast with pancakes and lots of chocolate on them. So join her with our new lovely cat Pusheen and tasty Pancakes cute cursor.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 139575 times

Naruto Deidara Curseur

Deidara is the hero of the anime "Naruto". Deidara was a ninja apostate. He is an impulsive demolition man who believes blasting is a real art. Deidara has mouths on his palms. Add this cool custom cursor for a mouse with Naruto Deidara and Hand.

Naruto CollectionDownload 139497 times

Pusheen as Dragnosheen Curseur

The internet's most loved cartoon cat Pusheen has a new style. Welcome the fiercely adorable Dragonsheen kitty breathing fire and holding a dragon egg in her cute teal paws. Now you can set this Pusheen as Dragnosheen cute kitty as your cat mouse cursor.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 139200 times

Among Us Spider-Man Character Curseur

Using the skin of Spider-Man, fans of Marvel can meet their favorite superhero even on the spaceship Among Us. The Among Us cursor with Spider-Man!

Among Us CollectionDownload 139126 times

Cheek and Candy Cane Curseur

Small and very cute hamster named Cheek loves to please his friends with sweets. This time he prepared Candy Cane for Pusheen and company. Mmm...yummy!

Pusheen CollectionDownload 138975 times

Pusheen with a Book Curseur

Look, this lovely cute Pusheen Cat is sitting and reading. Reading good books makes not only a little cat but also a person smarter, expands his horizons and inner world, has a good effect on memory. Cute custom cursor Pusheen with Book for a mouse!

Pusheen CollectionDownload 138360 times

Origami Strawberry Curseur

If you want sweet juicy chocolate-covered strawberries, you can make them by folding a shit of paper. The origami cursor for a mouse with red strawberry!

Origami CollectionDownload 138159 times

Minimal Frog Curseur

The frog is a cute green animal, which, unlike the toad, has long legs, a slender body, and smooth skin. The Minimal cursor and green Frog pointer!

Minimal Style CollectionDownload 137951 times

Star Wars General Grievous Lightsabers Curseur

Grievous was a Kaleesh warlord who served as a commanding officer in the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the last years of the Galactic Republic.

Star Wars CollectionDownload 137712 times
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