Top downloaded cursors

Our collection of cute custom cursor is giant, currently it consists of the 4945 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions form you on how many times each of cute cursors were downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Labrador Retriever Dog Curseur

Are you crazy about the lovable Labrador Retriever too? Then for you we have a free cursor with an energetic and friendly Golden Labrador. It is no coincidence that this is the most popular dog breed in many countries of the world.

Dogs and Puppies CollectionDownload 137232 times

Cute Beagle Puppy Curseur

Custom mouse cursor with an energetic, cute and loveful three-color beagle puppy. How could you resist this little cutie?

Dogs and Puppies CollectionDownload 137053 times

Cute Tea Bag and Cup of Tea Curseur

Tea is like a hug, just in a cup. Gentle custom cursor with a happy tea bag and a cute cup of tea.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 137009 times

Stormy Relaxing Curseur

It's cool to be the younger sister of the famous cat Pusheen. Cute cursor with a fluffy cat Stormy, which has cozy vibes.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 136761 times

Home Alone Kevin and Aftershave Lotion Curseur

Home Alone is the ultimate Christmas film with that iconic scene in which Kevin uses aftershave, supposedly for the first time. Now a cursor in Movies and TV cursor collection.

Movies & TV CollectionDownload 136714 times

Darth Pusheen and Cookies Curseur

You don’t know the power of the dark side! Pusheen who knows it fully now can get cookies from the upper shelves. Add this funny Pusheen cat in the image of Darth Vader as a custom cursor.

Pusheen CollectionDownload 136678 times

Materials Candy Curseur

Candy is a popular confectionery, a delicious, unique product that can make happy anyone. Candy can be unglazed, glazed, chocolate, caramel, fruit, berry, nut, milk, jelly, candy on a stick, toffee. The sweet and delicious Material Candy mouse cursor!

Materials CollectionDownload 136505 times

Neon Butterfly Curseur

For lovers of amazing nature and unique flying insects, we have prepared a pink neon cursor for a mouse with a beautiful Butterfly!

Neon CollectionDownload 136363 times

Fortnite Catalyst Skin Atmosphere Back Bling Curseur

Fortnite mouse cursor with popular skin Catalyst and her legendary Atmosphere back bling from Drift Skin.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 136038 times

Materials Soap Bubble Opaque Curseur

This beautiful opaque film of soapy water is called a soap bubble, which is usually round, but now taken the shape of the Materials cursor!

Materials CollectionDownload 136033 times

VSCO Girl Carmex and Scrunchie Curseur

Her makeup is light and natural, topped off with Carmex lip balm. Her hair has easy beach waves and she is wearing a scrunchie.

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 135365 times

Neon Honey Curseur

For lovers of sweet and healthy, we have prepared the neon cursor and food pointer for a mouse with delicious Honey!

Neon CollectionDownload 135204 times

Neon Squirrel and Acorn Curseur

The neon yellow-orange Squirrel is a cute rodent with a fluffy tail and long ears that live in the forest. Squirrels' favorite food is acorns, nuts, and seeds. The cool neon cursor in orange, yellow and green color Neon Squirrel and Acorn!

Neon CollectionDownload 135163 times

Haikyuu!! Kuroo Curseur

Kuroo used to be a shy introvert, struggling to make friends with Kenma, his future best mate. Now he is a reliable, strong captain of the Nekoma High Boys' Volleyball Club team. Add this custom Kuroo anime cursor if you are a fan of Haikyuu!! anime.

Haikyuu!! CollectionDownload 135116 times

Black with Chrome Stroke Curseur

A stylish black and chrome cursor pack where cursor and pointer painted black and the outline is made in stylish chrome.

Starter CollectionDownload 134966 times

Dolphin Curseur

Cute dolphins are considered the most amazing, intelligent, and quick-witted sea creatures. The grey-blue animal cursor with Dolphin!

Animals CollectionDownload 134960 times

VSCO Girl Paper Plane and Sneaker Curseur

In comfortable sneakers, you feel so free and easy, as if you are a paper airplane that flies in the wind. Pastel blue cursor with a paper glider and sneaker from the VSCO Girl collection.

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 134871 times

Haikyuu!! Yu Nishinoya and Gari Gari kun Popsicle Curseur

Yū Nishinoya as a second-year student at Karasuno High School. He has friends, such as Asahi Azumane, Ryūnosuke Tanaka, Shōyō Hinata. If you also like favorite Nishoya's gari-gari Ice Cream or you're Haikyuu!! anime fan. add our custom Nishinoya cursors!

Haikyuu!! CollectionDownload 134699 times

Cute Hamster Curseur

Everyone knows the mouse cursor, but what about the hamster cursor? Cheeky hamster in a cute custom cursor pack.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 134669 times

Materials Emerald Curseur

The emerald is the gemstones. The history has been known since Ancient Egypt. This is Cleopatra's favorite stone. The velvety green shade of emerald is given by chromium oxide in the composition. Enjoy our Material Emerald cursor for a mouse.

Materials CollectionDownload 134433 times

Fortnite Giddy-Up Skin Curseur

Yee-haw! Be on a roll with this Fortnite Giddy-Up Skin cursor from Season 6 Battle Pass. Well, check out this inflatable bright Llama - it's awesome!

Fortnite CollectionDownload 134400 times

Roblox Adopt Me Metal Ox Curseur

The Metal Ox is a pretty legendary pet that was released during the Lunar New Year celebrations. The Adopt Me cursor and game pointer with Metal Ox!

Adopt Me! CollectionDownload 134194 times

My Hero Academia Eri Curseur

Frightened little girl with bright red eyes - Eri, granddaughter of the Shie Hassaikai's boss, and her red bag in a custom cursor from the My Hero Academia anime series.

My Hero Academia CollectionDownload 134072 times

Five Nights at Freddy's Candy Cadet Curseur

Robot-like animatronic who tells mysterious stories with his British-robot accent Candy Cadet in the FNAF custom cursor.

McLaren P1 Curseur

A total of 375 copies of this car were made and, unfortunately, all of them were sold. If you didn’t manage to buy one, don’t worry - we have McLaren P1 cursor for you. Now you have a hybrid high-speed car from the famous English brand of supercars.

Supercars CollectionDownload 134064 times

Puglie Pug Curseur

Very cute and funny doggie Pug. Created by graphic designer Euge Leung, who entrusted Pug with an important mission to amuse and tenderness the whole of humanity. And as we see the Puglie Pug is handling it with a bang. Now also as a custom cursor.

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 133991 times

Minecraft Vex and Iron Sword Curseur

How to defeat Vex in Minecraft? If you like to play Minecraft and you like our Minecraft cursors I'll tell you now... They only take damage from swords, bows and arrows, and the player's hand. Add Minecraft Vex cursors!

Minecraft CollectionDownload 133706 times

Demon Slayer Makomo Curseur

Calm and gentle girl Makomo, an apprentice of Sakonji Urokodaki, and her fox mask, decorated with two blue flowers, in the cursor from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime series.

Pepsi Curseur

Pepsi was the first consumer product of American origin to enter the Soviet market. This dink has a fascinating past and now it's one of the most popular drinks in the world. So, try our beautiful Pepsi cola cursor if you are really like this drink!

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 133646 times

Minecraft Red Mushroom and Mooshroom Curseur

We had no doubt that Minecraft was a creative game. Look at the cow Mooshroom - it's lovely

Minecraft CollectionDownload 133646 times

Cute Mocha Bear and Book Curseur

Pretty brown Mocha Bear from the lovely duo Milk and Mocha Bear is sitting and reading a book! The cute cursor for a mouse with Mocha Bear and Book!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 133427 times

Cute Sun and Earth Curseur

Two cute friends sun and earth in a cute cursor pack. Their relationship and amount of light are responsible for the seasons on the planet earth. The amount of sun smiles a region receives depends on the tilt of the earth axis, not the distance to the sun

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 133325 times

Haikyuu!! Tōru Oikawa Curseur

Tōru Oikawa is a character of the popular anime series Haikyuu!!. He is a setter of Club Atletico San Juan of the Argentine Volleyball Federation. Tōru served as the captain and ace setter for the school's volleyball team. Tōru Oikawa custom anime cursor.

Haikyuu!! CollectionDownload 133227 times

Materials Sapphire Curseur

Sapphire is one of the most beautiful and popular gemstones. It's a mineral from the corundum family. The beautiful sapphire is often called the "King's Stone", was loved by Princess Diana. Add Material Sapphire cursor and enjoy the deep blue color!

Materials CollectionDownload 133213 times

Among Us Watermelon Character Curseur

If you love to eat summer berries and play the addicting game, then enjoy this Among Us cursor for a mouse with Watermelon Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 133148 times

Neon Christmas Deer Curseur

Reindeer of Santa Claus are nine beautiful deers, who pull Santa Claus's cart and deliver Christmas gifts. The pretty Neon cursor with Christmas Deer!

Neon CollectionDownload 133146 times

Neon Maracas and Sombrero Curseur

Mestizo workers in Mexico hot climates came up with a wide-brimmed straw hat that would keep the sun out of their eyes and faces, carrying their own bit of shade around with them. These colorful sombrero cursors we made for those, who love summer days.

Neon CollectionDownload 133104 times

VSCO Girl Diamond and Donut Curseur

Diamond or Donut? Everyone has their own values. Shine like a diamond or be as sweet as a doughnut with this VSCO custom cursor.

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 133019 times

Neon Sun and Rainbow Curseur

If you love wonderful warm weather then enjoy this neon cursor for a mouse with yellow sun and colorful rainbow!

Neon CollectionDownload 132984 times

Cute Lemon Curseur

This incredibly pretty yellow citrus with a blush on the cheeks and a smile is Lemon, which is very useful and rich in vitamin C. The cute cursor and pointer Cute Lemon!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 132951 times

Minimal Heart Curseur

We all know that the heart is considered a symbol of love. And we can show this love in any form. The Minimal cursor and pink Heart pointer!

Minimal Style CollectionDownload 132817 times

The Grinch and Max Curseur

Max the dog from How The Grinch Stole Christmas is breaking hearts all across the Internet. The Grinch and Max cursor from our Cartoons cursor collection.

Cartoons CollectionDownload 132505 times

Cute Flamingo Curseur

When we talk about a pink bird that stands on one leg in the water, thoughts of a flamingo immediately come to mind! The cute cursor with Flamingo!

Cute Cursors CollectionDownload 132456 times

Pink Flat and Shiny Curseur

A lot of people love shiny objects because they are very bright, stylish, beautiful, and associated with precious stones. Pink is a popular and trendy color. If you want to be stylish, bright, enjoy Pink Flat and Shiny custom cursor for a pointer!

Starter CollectionDownload 132447 times

Candy Cane Curseur

The candy cane is a very well known attribute of Christmastide, as well as Saint Nicholas Day. Now you can set it as you a cute cursor, with a red candy cane as a cursor and a combination of green and red candy canes as a pointer.

Christmas CollectionDownload 132324 times

Miraculous Ladybug Curseur

Ladybug! Call me Ladybug. Defend your hometown and friends with the superhero Ladybug cursor and her Yo-Yo miraculous tool.

Among Us Easter Bunny Character Curseur

Easter is coming soon and it's time to meet the Easter bunny, which is the symbol of this holiday. The Among Us cursor with Easter Bunny Character!

Among Us CollectionDownload 132219 times

VSCO Airpods and Player Curseur

For all music lovers, we have prepared a VSCO Girl cursor with white Airpods and a pink Player!

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 131963 times

VSCO Girl Sneakers and French Fries Curseur

Put on the beautiful soft pink sneakers and go to a cafe for delicious french fries. The VSCO cursor and soft pink pointer Sneakers and French Fries!

VSCO Girl CollectionDownload 131910 times

Charlotte Nao Tomori Curseur

Custom cursor with hardworking and narcissistic Nao Tomori, student council president of the Hoshinoumi Academy, and her camcorder from the Charlotte anime series.

Anime CollectionDownload 131841 times

Gatorade Curseur

New Gatorade custom cursor pack in food and drinks collection. It's a sports drink, not only for athletes but for everyone who does sports. It tastes delicious and more healthy than soda in a cursor.

Food & Drinks CollectionDownload 131728 times

Neon Light Bulb Curseur

More than 150 years ago engineers and inventors began their work on a bright idea that would light our way. This idea was simple by today's standards light bulb. And this invention changed our lives, changed the way we design buildings and homes.

Neon CollectionDownload 131618 times

Fortnite Galaxy Scout Skin Stardust Strikers Curseur

As we all know that Galaxy Scout skin is a Legendary outfit in the Fortnite: Battle Royale multiplayer game. This skin is a female counterpart of the Galaxy Outfit. It can be earned by ranking in the Galaxy Cup or purchased in the item shop.

Fortnite CollectionDownload 131604 times
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