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Origami is an interesting hobby and wonderful art of folding paper into various shapes without the help of glue, scissors, duct tape, and the like. By folding a square piece of paper, you can create a variety of beautiful animals, birds, shapes, objects, or insects. Thus, especially for you, we have created an origami cursor for a mouse with Squirrel and Acorn, an Origami Ladybug cursor for a mouse, a fanart cursor with Origami Turtle, purple cursor with Origami Bird.

The amazing art of origami has its historical roots in ancient China, where the paper was invented. For a long time, origami was only available to people of the upper classes, because a sign of good manners was the mastery of the paper folding technique.

Wonderful paper figurines are used to decorate wedding tables, for rituals in temples, for entertaining guests at a ball, for performances in theaters, as well as a design element, an integral attribute of folk festivals in many countries and, of course, as an incredible mouse cursor!

In our Origami collection of colorful cursors, you can find both fanart and our own cursors inspired by ancient art! Among them, you can add Origami cursor for a mouse Rabbit and Carrot, Origami cursor with Mouse and Cheese, Origami Butterfly cursor for a mouse, Origami cursor with Hedgehog and Mushroom, fanart cursor with Origami Panda and Bamboo, Origami Dog cursor, and Origami Bone pointer!


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