How to install Custom Cursor?

  • Go to Chrome Web Store

    Click here to go to official Chrome Web Store

  • Add to Chrome

    On Chrome Web Store press the "Add to Chrome" button to add Custom Cursor to your browser.

  • Confirmation

    Be sure to confirm installation by pressing the "Add extension" in a pop-up dialogue window.

  • Installed

    Chrome will show installed notification and a window with Custom Cursor instructions will be opened.

How to use Custom Cursor?

Make sure you are trying the Custom Cursor extension on the test page or any other web page except for Chrome Web Store, inner pages and Homepage. Customizatons are disabled on Chrome Web Store page by Google!

  • Custom Cursor menu

    To activate Custom Cursor extension click on its icon located at Chrome toolbar.
    The pop-up window will appear.

  • Setting the cursor

    Go to Custom Cursor pop-up window, scroll down and choose the desired cursor and click on it.
    Same way you can pick another cursor when you have played enough with the first one.
    Be sure to try it anywhere except for Chrome Web Store, inner pages and Homepage.

  • Changing the size

    To change the size of your cursor go to Custom Cursor pop-up window.
    Click "MANAGE". On the manage page use scrollbar to set the desired size.

  • Disabling Custom Cursor

    To return the default system cursor go to Custom Cursor pop-up window
    and click "DEFAULT CURSOR".

How to download cursors from store?

  • Accessing Store

    Use a button "MORE CURSORS" in main pop-up or follow this link to access the store collections.

  • Adding collections to Custom Cursor

    On the collections page you can find all available cursor collections.
    Once you found cursor collection you like, you can click "ADD ALL" button under it.
    Full collection will be automatically added to extension.

  • Adding packs to Custom Cursor

    You can view packs of the collection by clicking "VIEW".
    On the pack list page you can find all cursor packs of the chosen collection.
    Once you found cursor pack you like, you can click "ADD" button under it.
    A collection with only that pack will be automatically added to extension.

  • Setting a cursor from store

    Cursor collections and packs you added will appear in Custom Cursors main pop-up window.
    Just click on the one you like and enjoy.

How to add own cursors?

  • Add own cursor interface

    Open the extension pop-up by clicking the icon in browser toolbar.
    Click the "UPLOAD CURSOR" button. It will open upload cursor interface.

  • Upload new cursor and pointer

    Once you on upload your cursor page press the "ADD NEW" button.
    This will create new cursor / pointer pair.
    Use "+" buttons to add cursor and pointer one after another.

  • Activating your new cursor

    One you have uploaded new cursor, pointer, or cursor pointer pair
    you can activate them in the main pop-up window in "My collection" section by clicking on it.
    Please note that if you can set only one of the elements, only it will be applied.


  • - Don't use pictures more than 128x128 pixels;
  • - Use images with a transparent background, such as .png;
  • - Smile more often ;)

How to manage your cursors?

When you've downloaded all cursors packs from our site and want to cleanup a bit :)

  • Opening the manage page

    To open manage page open the extension pop-up by clicking the icon in browser toolbar.
    Find "MANAGE" button on it and click it.
    It will open extension manage page.

  • Deleting downloaded packs

    Because our cursor packs categorized by collections same way we provide you with ability to remove separate cursor packs or an entire collection:

    • - To remove a cursor collection you need to navigate to “MANAGE” page. Once you on manage page you can view all the downloaded collections. Just press the "DELETE" button under the collection you want to be removed.
    • - To remove an individual cursor pack, once you on manage page, you need to press “MANAGE” button of the collection you want to edit. The pop-up window will appear with list of cursors from that collection, just press “DELETE” next to the name of the cursor you wish to remove.

How to use cursor constructor?

When you have seen the collection and want to create your own cursor/pointer combinations you can use our constructor to build a perfect cursor pack.

  • Accessing the constructor.

    Navigate to Custom Cursor website and press the “CONSTRUCTOR” link in the upper menu. Or just follow this link to access the cursor constructor tool.

  • Choosing the cursor.

    Press on the icon of the cursor with a green plus in the upper left part of the screen. Icon in the pack preview area should highlight in green.
    Now, head over main area of the page where all of image collection is displayed. You may use search filter to narrow the displayed results.
    Click on the image that you want to use as a cursor, it will display in the pack preview section.

  • Choosing the pointer.

    Same way as with cursor. Click on pointer icon with a green plus button in the pack preview area and it will highlight in green.In the main area select any image from our collection that you want to use as a pointer. Click on a chosen image for pointer and it will display as a pointer in the pack preview section.

  • Using the created pack.

    Once you have chosen a perfect pair of a cursor and a pointer you have two options on how to use it:

    • - You can set it without saving. It will be applied right now and used until you chose any other cursor pack from our website or your collection.
      That can be done by pressing “SET” button after you have chosen cursor and pointer.
    • - You can add it to your collection. If you have chosen cursor and pointer and want to save to use it later you can click “ADD”, your pack will be added to “My collection” section of pop-up and can be easily activated from there.
    • - To delete that pack from “My collection” just visit Upload Cursor page and press red trash can under cursor and pointer chosen.

You still do not have a Custom Cursor extension?

Install it from official Google Chrome Web Store