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The Simpsons

Woo Hoo! This is The Simpsons - the longest animated series in the history of American television, which has been on the screens since 1989.

Probably everyone watched it, or at least familiar with the main characters of this TV show, such as Homer Simpson - the father of the family, a lover of donuts and get-togethers in the Moe's Tavern. Marge Simpson - is a caring mother, a loving wife, and an owner of a very lush hairstyle.

And also their children, Bart Simpson - a restless boy who loves a skateboard, Clown Krusty show, and hooligan tricks. Lisa Simpson - is a charismatic girl, with high intelligence and knowledge, she loves playing the saxophone, riding horses, and of course science. Maggie Simpson - the youngest child in the family, a charming and intelligent baby who is not separated from her red pacifier.

Use the Simpsons cursor from our fanart collection and enjoy!


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