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Slime Rancher is a popular first-person computer game in which the player controls the young rancher Beatrix LeBeau. She is engaged in the cultivation and protection of slimes on a distant planet because it is impossible to breed them on Earth, but they are valued above gold. Players control slimes, breed new species, explore the planet, and fight evil slimes that result from mistakes.

Slime Rancher has a wide variety of slimes that are very mobile, emotional, and often hungry. They differ in color, shape, food preferences, and habits. In this way you can meet Slime Rancher cursor for a mouse with Lucky Slime and Secret Style Guardian, game cursor Slime Rancher Twinkle Slimes, Slime Rancher Phosphor Slime cursor, and Secret Style Angelic pointer.

As cute slimes feed, they produce plort - a valuable resource the mega-corporation needs to craft useful items on Earth. For example, from our fanart cursor with Rad Slime, you can get Rad Plort. Feeding on other slime's plorts, these pretty characters are able to borrow properties from each other and turn into more profitable and larger slimes. So, you can create yourself or come across a lot of combinations of slimes.

In the colorful and incredibly cute Slime Rancher collection of fanart cursors, you can find Tabby Slime and Secret Style Tiger cursor for a mouse, game cursor with Gold Slime and Secret Style Gilded, Slime Rancher cursor with Glitch Slime and Secret Style Retro, Slime cursor with Tangle Slime and Secret Style Nightshade, Pink Slimes cursor and Secret Style Sparkly pointer.


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