Курсор Henry Stickmin Gus Garno and Helmet

In the zany and unpredictable world of Henry Stickmin, filled with outrageous characters and hilarious escapades, Gus Garno stands out as a memorable minor character. Although he only appears in Convict Allies within the game Fleeing the Complex, Gus Garno's unique design and references make him a fan favorite. Gus Garno is a former big-time racer with an intriguing past. His bio hints at a thrilling life before landing in The Wall, the high-security prison that serves as a central location in Fleeing the Complex. Although the game doesn't delve deep into his backstory, it's clear that Gus's history adds an extra layer of intrigue to his character. A fanart Henry Stickmin cursor with Gus Garno and Helmet.

Henry Stickmin Gus Garno and Helmet курсор
Henry Stickmin Gus Garno and Helmet Green Pointer

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