Курсор Henry Stickmin Bort Sampson

In the Henry Stickmin game series Bort Sampson is depicted as a standard soldier wearing a green government helmet and shoes. Armed with an M16A1 rifle, he joins forces with Rupert Price and Ambert Downs during a heated battle against the Toppat Clan at the Toppat Launch Site. During the intense confrontation, Bort and his allies engage in a firefight with the Right Hand Man and his subordinates, as they attempt to breach the Toppat's warehouse. However, their progress is abruptly halted when the Right Hand Man launches a devastating attack, resulting in a shocking turn of events. A fanart Henry Stickmin cursor with Bort Sampson.

Henry Stickmin Bort Sampson курсор
Henry Stickmin Bort Sampson Green Pointer

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