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Just Shapes and Beats

Just Shapes and Beats become a very popular chaotic co-op musical bullet-hell based on three pretty simple points - avoid Shapes, move to the Beats, and die, repeatedly. JSaB was developed by Canadian indie team, three members of Berzerk Studio: Lachhh, Em and Mike. Pretty mesmerizing rhythm game with an exceedingly simple idea, isn't it?

You can play this game alone or with up to four players, local or online, through the game’s Story Mode or Challenge Runs. There you are pitted in an arena, avoiding pink shape obstacles that can damage, which you already can find in our Just Shapes and Beats cursor collection.

If you play this game every day in the year and want to have your trophies as game cursors from fanart JSaB cursor collection, where there are already such cursors as JSaB pointer with Big Cube and Evil, or maybe cursor with JSaB the Sun and the Bird, Just Shapes and Beats game cursor with La Danse Macabre, fanart Just Shapes and Beats cursor with The Helicopter, pink cursor with JSaB Specter Boss, Just Shapes and Beats game cursor with Annihilate, fanart cursor with Cyan, Just Shapes and Beats Dub and Guitar cursor or even Just Shapes and Beats with Blue Square and Big Cube! Come and make your choice!


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