Henry Stickmin Right Hand Man Reborn Curseur

Right Hand Man is a character with a top-hat and red mustache from the Henry Stickmin series of interesting games, who is a member of the Toppat clan and the main assistant to the leader, Reginald Copperbotom. This cool character in some pathways of Completing the Mission, after his defeat turns into a cyborg and now called Right Hand Man Reborn. His left face becomes cybernetic, his legs can turn into a rocket engine, and his left eye can function as a sight, magnifier, powerful laser, and even a walkie-talkie. The right hand can turn into a laser or into a long and wide blade that moves very quickly and hits hard. The game cursor for your mouse named Henry Stickmin Right Hand Man Reborn!

Henry Stickmin Right Hand Man Reborn Cursor

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