Chikn Nuggit Reversed Cofi Curseur

At a cursory glance, one could easily mistake Reversed Cofi for a benign sheep. This deliberate design inversion is the genius of Chikn Nuggit, turning the age-old wolf in sheep's clothing adage on its head. Contrary to Cofi's original design, Reversed Cofi presents herself as a harmless sheep, but lurking beneath is a cunning wolf with a hint of mystery. Draped in a pink sheep suit, Reversed Cofi's appearance is deceptive by design. The dark, grey-colored hair cascading over her right eye adds an element of intrigue, while her half-closed left eye, is accentuated by a smokey eyeshadow. A fanart Chikn Nuggit cursor with Reversed Cofi.

Chikn Nuggit Reversed Cofi Cursor

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