Chikn Nuggit Katsup and Meowstard Curseur

Katsup and Meowstard are minor characters in Chikn Nuggit web series, those two are cute cat siblings of Cheezborger that look like Ketchup and Mustard with most of their bodies white. Both of their names come from condiments, Katsup's name comes from the words cat and ketchup, while Meowstard's name comes from the words meow and mustard. Katsup has mostly white fur, with a dark red tail, ears, and a triangular patch on their forehead. Meowstard also seems to have mostly white fur but their hat is yellow with a flower and a nozzle covering one of their ears, resembling a bottle of mustard. A fanart Chikn Nuggit web series cursor with Katsup and Meowstard as cursor and pointer.

Chikn Nuggit Katsup and Meowstard Cursor

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