SK8 the Infinity Koyomi Kyan and Ice Cream Curseur

Being the eldest among Reki Kyan's younger sisters, The cute girl in our fanart SK8 The Infinity Koyomi Kyan cursor pack is depicted as a petite girl with fair skin, a youthful appearance, and round honey-colored eyes. Koyomi Kyan has brown hair similar to her older brother, length slightly above her shoulders and usually tied into two pigtails on either side of her head, with bangs tucked into her eyes. I'm leaving it open on top. Koyomi is a friendly girl on good terms with her older brother Reki Kyan. By the way, she has such a good grasp on skateboarding that it even shocked Reki when she demonstrated it to him.

SK8 the Infinity Koyomi Kyan and Ice Cream Cursor

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