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Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game with a beautiful virtual world of animals, interesting adventures, enchanting nature, and different items for characters. It was developed by WildWorks in collaboration with The National Geographic Society and called to educate players about animals, the environment, and science.

In this game player firstly choose the animal he or she wants to be represented by - pretty much of them you already can find in our Animal Jam Cursor Collection. As in our world, so in this, there are four main types of animals: land, ocean, amphibious, and flying. A player can choose his animal from the Monkey, Bunny or even Wolf when starts the game - they can also be purchased with Gems. Others are available through special actions or can be bought in the Sapphire Shop. Players can cooperate with each other by trading items, playing adventures, going to some parties, and playing games. 

Like this game and was looking forward to getting some cursors of Animal Jam characters? Luckily for you, we have a whole collection of Animal Jam characters Cursors! There is no need to be in the game if you want to see your favorite Bunny as a cursor or a cursor of a Panda or other animals in front of you - now you can see them all the time.


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