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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is an adorable Nintendo game where you can make friends with cute animal villagers and have some fun by creating a world of your own. The game offers you to become the mayor of a tiny town with friendly residents, rich fauna, and fun responsibilities. A one-way ticket is included.

As you become the mayor of the city you need to lead your city to prosperity. And you will have to do that in your own fun way. With a fishing rod or a shovel in your hands, with an armful of letters for citizens and a bathing suit for diving. At first, every city is more like a village, but gradually it grows with new residents, new stores open and expand in the shopping district, the seasons replace each other in accordance with the calendar.

A key feature of the Animal Crossing series is that the game continues even when the player is not playing the game. The built-in calendar tracks the change of day and night, and that fully corresponds to the real course of time. You can celebrate some of the real holidays - residents will hold festivals such as Halloween, April Fool's Day, 4th of July, New Year, and others.

Oh yes, did I mention that all of these inhabitants are cute anthropomorphic animals, and each has its own character and habits?

Choose your favorite cursor from Animal Crossing in our fanart collection. Will it be Tom Nook cursor, the cursor of Tortimer, Isabelle cursor, Nat or K.K. Slider cursors or any other cute Animal Crossing character cursor from our fanart collection.


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