Haikyuu!! Tadashi Yamaguchi and Fries Curseur

Hachiko in the Haikyuu!! anime! Now I'll explain...The origin of Yamaguchi's name is loyalty and his name is spelled the same as Hachiko, a famous loyal Japanese dog. Moreover, Hachiko has one birthday with Yamaguchi. He is a first-year in Karasuno High School, playing as a center blocker. Often laughs with Tsukishima, or is just next to Kei when he pokes fun or mocks others. Oddly, his favorite food is soggy French fries. That's why we made this interesting combination of custom cursors. If you like this character or you just a fan of Haikyuu anime, add this anime cursor!

Haikyuu!! Tadashi Yamaguchi and Fries Cursor

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