Haikyuu!! Kiyoomi Sakusa and Umeboshi Curseur

Kiyoomi Sakusa is a character from the sporty, fun manga and anime Haikyuu!!. This guy with black wavy hair and two moles on his forehead is the ace spiker for Itachiyama Institute, one of the top three aces of the country, and the MVP of the Collegiate Volleyball Championship. Kiyoomi Sakusa is a very calm, competitive guy, a cautious, strong, and fast player, he is a realist. Sakusa has a favorite food - delicious sour and salty Umeboshi (pickled plums). The sports manga and anime cursor for a mouse from Haikyuu!! with Kiyoomi Sakusa and his favorite food Umeboshi!

Haikyuu!! Kiyoomi Sakusa and Umeboshi Cursor

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