Haikyuu!! Daichi Sawamura and Shoyu Ramen Curseur

Daichi Sawamura is a character from the interesting sports manga and anime Haikyuu!!, the captain of the boys' volleyball club, a third-year at Karasuno High School. This athletic guy with dark hair and eyes, tanned skin, and an athletic body is actually very patient, understanding, and caring, but he better not get angry because Daichi Sawamura is very scary in anger. All team members respect and are a little afraid of Daichi. Daichi Sawamura has a favorite food - the incredibly delicious Shoyu ramen. The manga and Anime cursor for a mouse from Haikyuu with Daichi Sawamura and his favorite food Shoyu Ramen!

Haikyuu!! Daichi Sawamura and Shoyu Ramen Cursor

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