Haikyuu!! Atsumu Miya and Fatty Tuna Curseur

Atsumu Miya is a character from the fun and sporty anime and manga Haikyuu!!. This guy with blond hair and bangs is a second-year student at Inarizaki High who plays as a setter for the school's volleyball team. He is also known as Japan's best school setter. Atsumu Miya is a perfectionist, hates losing, and loves to compete. He has a twin brother - Osamu Miya. Atsumu has a favorite food - incredibly delicious fatty tuna. Cartoon anime cursor for a pointer from Haikyuu!! with Atsumu Miya and his favorite food Fatty Tuna!

Haikyuu!! Atsumu Miya and Fatty Tuna Cursor

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