Cursores de descarga superior

Nuestra colección de lindos cursores personalizados es gigante, actualmente consta de los hermosos paquetes de cursor 4761. A lo largo de los años, hemos recibido muchas preguntas sobre cuántas veces se descargó cada uno de los lindos cursores. Es por eso que decidimos brindarle una herramienta que puede mostrarle los cursores más descargados de todos los tiempos de nuestra colección de cursores.

Ghost Pusheen and Candy Cursor

The cute Pusheen cat turn into a pretty ghost and went for sweet candies! The cute cursor for a mouse with Ghost Pusheen and Candy!

Colección PusheenDescarga 245053 veces

You Like Krabby Patties, Don't You Squidward Cursor

The scene "Just One Bite" from season 3 of SpongeBob SquarePants, which also became a famous Internet meme. The cursor is displayed with 2 SpongeBob facial expressions - before and after the main question.

Colección SpongeBobDescarga 244869 veces

Playstation Cursor

If you were forced to let go of your favorite Playstation gamepad. Don’t worry - for a while we will smooth out your separation using the specially designed Playstation custom cursor with a Ps4 gamepad as a pointer.

Colección Gadgets and DevicesDescarga 244339 veces

Marvel Stan Lee Cursor

Co-Creator of Marvel Comics, a comic book legend Stan Lee gave us many iconic characters including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Black Panther.

Colección Marvel ComicsDescarga 244215 veces

Green Brown Camo Cursor

One of the most popular styles of camouflage as a cursor, it uses random splotches of army green and brown which would help to disguise someone in a woodland setting.

Colección StarterDescarga 243517 veces

Duck With a Knife Meme Cursor

Just look at this cute yellow duck. What is it holding in its hands? It's a knife! The funny meme cursor for a mouse named Duck with a Knife!

Colección MemesDescarga 243172 veces

Minecraft Stone Sword and Herobrine Cursor

Explore infinite worlds and build everything you desire with Minecraft Stone Sword and Herobrine cursor from our Minecraft cursor collection.

Colección MinecraftDescarga 243125 veces

Tesla Model S Cursor

Tesla Model S is an electric car produced by the company Tesla. It is a modern electric supercar that sets an example for others in driving dynamics, safety, practicality, range, and technology. The cool and modern mouse cursor and pointer Tesla Model S!

Colección SupercarsDescarga 243004 veces

Fortnite Mandalorian and Amban Sniper Rifle Cursor

The Mandalorian in the game Fortnite is the Star Wars' most famous bounty hunter skin. The game Fortnite cursor Mandalorian and Amban Sniper Rifle!

Colección FortniteDescarga 242640 veces

Witch Pusheen Cursor

The cute Pusheen cat turn into Witch! The pretty cursor with Witch Pusheen!

Colección PusheenDescarga 242511 veces

Fortnite Iron Man and Energy Blade Cursor

The New Fortnite season brings new skins for us gamers, and now we can unlock Marvel Iron Man skin. Yes, you hear that right, Fortnite Season 4 is a full-blown collaboration with Marvel Comics! Fortnite custom cursor with Iron Man and Energy Blade.

Colección FortniteDescarga 242381 veces

Pusheen Potter and Broomstick Cursor

Look, this is flying Hairy Pawter, the legendary Cat Who Lived, on his new broomstick Nimbus 2000. The magic cursor with the Pusheen Potter.

Colección PusheenDescarga 242097 veces

Among Us Yellow Character in Pikachu Outfit Cursor

What is better: the electric Pokemon Pikachu or the cool Among Us? I choose it all in the game cursor called Among Us Yellow Character in Pikachu Outfit!

Colección Among UsDescarga 241893 veces

Aquarelle Tropical Leaf Cursor

Monstera is a native plant for tropical rainforests and it loves warm and humid environments. From its holes in the leaves, it got a nickname of Swiss cheese plant. With an Aquarelle Tropical Leaf mouse cursor, you can enjoy this plant on your screen.

Colección LifestyleDescarga 241663 veces

Cute Unicorn on the Moon and Cloud Cursor

A beautiful pink unicorn flies on a yellow moon and sleeps cutely on a purple cloud. The cute cursor for a mouse with Unicorn on the Moon and Cloud!

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 241499 veces

Bentley Continental GT3R Cursor

The Bentley Continental GT3R is a stunning white sports car now available in our supercar cursor for a mouse! Would you ride in such a car?

Colección SupercarsDescarga 241427 veces

Cursoji - Cool Cursor

Wow, that’s a cool cursor. In the glint of his sunglasses, I can see success. Emoji and cursor collaboration in cursor pack with a Cool face.

Colección CursojiDescarga 241345 veces

Gabe the Dog Cursor

Gabe the Dog was a cute, miniature American Eskimo dog owned by YouTube user gravycp. He starred in many YouTube remixes and memes as a singer dog.

Colección Dogs and PuppiesDescarga 240664 veces

Pink and Purple Unicorn Neon Cursor

For fans of mythical and fantasy creatures, we created a pink and purple neon cursor with a cute Unicorn!

Colección NeonDescarga 240662 veces

Unicorn Soul Gradient Cursor

The multi-colored cursor for a mouse called Unicorn Soul Gradient is sure to delight you because it includes beautiful and bright colors!

Colección GradientDescarga 240019 veces

White Cat Paw Cursor

Soft and gorgeous kitty paws instead of the default mouse cursor.

Colección Funny CatsDescarga 239646 veces

Cute Monkey Cursor

Kawaii monkey cursor with fantastic cute energy by Daieny Schuttz.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 239468 veces

Area 51 Alien Naruto Run Cursor

The meme cursor and pointer Area 51 with green Alien who run like Naruto from anime. The funny meme cursor for a mouse with Area 51 Alien Naruto Run!

Colección MemesDescarga 239036 veces

Success Kid Meme Cursor

Success Kid, sometimes known as I Hate Sandcastles, is a Meme image of a baby at a beach with a smug facial expression. Success Kid Meme cursor from our Memes cursor collection.

Colección MemesDescarga 238987 veces

Yin and Yang Cursor

In Ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary. Now as cursor in our Starter collection.

Colección StarterDescarga 238968 veces

Pusheenachu Cursor

Is it a pokemon Pikachu or Pusheen the Cat? It's both, it is Pusheenachu catomon! And we have both versions of this strange creature. A Pokemon Pickachu shaped pokecat with colors and stipes of Pusheen, and a Pusheen the Cat in colors of the pokemon!

Colección PusheenDescarga 238423 veces

VSCO Girl Star Lollipop and Fruit Pop Cursor

More sweet and cute attributes of every VSCO Girl a Star Lollipop and Fruit Pop cursor from our VSCO Girl cursor collection.

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 238306 veces

Spider-Man Miles Morales Hoodie Cursor

The Spider-Man Miles Morales Hoodie cursor for a mouse!

Colección Marvel ComicsDescarga 237856 veces

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Cursor

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a lightweight V10 supercar that weighs less than a Miata and goes to 62 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds.

Colección SupercarsDescarga 237778 veces

Turquoise Ghost Neon Cursor

Boo... Do not be afraid, this is just the neon sign in the shape of a ghost. Available as the neon ghost cursor for dark theme sites.

Colección NeonDescarga 237428 veces

Strawberry with Chocolate Cursor

The delicious Strawberry with sweet Chocolate in the form of the food cursor with Strawberry with Chocolate!

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 236672 veces

Cute Waffle and Jam Cursor

Looking for a delicious breakfast? We have Cute Waffle with Jam cursor for you, from our Cute Cursors collection.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 235970 veces

TheOdd1sOut Cursor

Animation on YouTube has seen a renaissance in recent years thanks to the vlog-style animations by TheOdd1sOut YouTuber. Now as a cursor from our YouTubers collection.

Colección YouTubersDescarga 235815 veces

Fortnite Lynx Skin Scratchmark Pickaxe Cursor

Fortnite cursor with Lynx Skin and Scratchmark Pickaxe. Lynx (Tier 7) is a Legendary-rarity skin from the Season 7 Battle Pass. Cat woman in a cool slinky black suit. Put this noice Fortnite Skin on your cursor.

Colección FortniteDescarga 235761 veces

VSCO Girl Sunglasses and Car License Plate Cursor

What do you need to move around Hawaii? Fast convertible car and stylish sunglasses. Add this summer custom cursor to your VSCO Girl collection.

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 235304 veces

Purple and Blue Abstract 3D Cursor

Stunning 3D cursor with an abstract pattern of purple and blue arcs.

Colección StarterDescarga 235302 veces

Minecarft Honey Bottle and Bee Cursor

The bees are flying neutral mobs that live in beehives and bee nests. If provoked, the bees sting the player. And Honey Bottle is a consumable drink item that can be used to craft Sugar or Honey Blocks. The game Minecraft cursor with Honey Bottle and Bee!

Colección MinecraftDescarga 235222 veces

SpongeBob Is Mayonnaise an Instrument Cursor

"Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?" is a memorable quote from the animated children's show SpongeBob SquarePants. Now as a cursor from our SpongeBob cursor collection.

Colección SpongeBobDescarga 235050 veces

Among Us Blue Character in CCC Cap Cursor

A player Among Us can change his character's space suit using the color Blue, which fans nicknamed Dark Blue. You can also use a hat CCC Cap to be cooler. The Among Us cursor and pointer with Blue Character In CCC Cap!

Colección Among UsDescarga 234425 veces

Fortnite Beef Boss Patty Whacker Pickaxe Cursor

Fortnite never stops to amuse us with skins creativity with Fortnite Beef Boss Patty Whacker Pickaxe cursor from Fortnite cursor collection.

Colección FortniteDescarga 234047 veces

Green Alien and Purple UFO Neon Cursor

Lights and bright colors brought back in Green Alien and Purple UFO Neon cursor from our Neon cursor collection.

Colección NeonDescarga 233731 veces

Among Us Cyan Character in Candy Canes Cursor

For Christmas lovers, in Among Us, a Candy Canes Hat appeared! And to look wintery, make your character Cyan. The game cursor Among Us Cyan in Candy Canes!

Colección Among UsDescarga 233617 veces

Roblox Adopt Me Kitsune Cursor

Kitsune is the pet in the online role-playing game "Adopt Me!" on the Roblox gaming platform. This legendary pet was released on July 10, 2020. Add this pretty cursor Adopt Me Kitsune with a cute kitsune for a mouse!

Colección Adopt Me!Descarga 233369 veces

Neon Headphones and Joystick Cursor

People enjoy listening to music with headphones and playing games with a joystick in hand. The blue-purple Neon cursor with Headphones and Joystick!

Colección NeonDescarga 232290 veces

Minecraft Enderman with Earth Block Cursor

The pixel game cursor and pointer from Minecraft with Enderman and Earth Block!

Colección MinecraftDescarga 232060 veces

Purple Grape and Red Cherry Neon Cursor

Sweet and glowing grape and cherry in the fruit neon custom cursor.

Colección NeonDescarga 232013 veces

Fortnite Meowscles Skin Skellefish Glider Cursor

Meowscles is a muscular humanoid cat originally known as Buff Cat with a built-in emote that has 3 edit styles: Default, GHOST, and SHADOW - now as a cursor.

Colección FortniteDescarga 231586 veces

Roblox Adopt Me Cow Cursor

The Cow is one of nine pets in the online role-playing game "Adopt Me!" on the Roblox gaming platform. The Cow is available in the farm egg and is classified as a rare pet. Add this pretty cursor Roblox Adopt Me Cow with a cute cow for a mouse!

Colección Adopt Me!Descarga 230353 veces

Pink Marble Cursor

Wow! This pink marble cursor is awesome! Some say pink is the best color in the world. Just think how much of everything beautiful is associated with this color. And in combination with a pleasant marble texture you get a great thing.

Colección StarterDescarga 229857 veces

Among Us Orange Character in Bird Nest Cursor

In the game Among Us, make your little character orange and use the hat Bird Nest to be cool. An interesting fact that Orange has a close relationship with Green and Cyan. The game Among Us cursor and pointer Orange Character In Bird Nest!

Colección Among UsDescarga 229561 veces

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Chidori Katana Cursor

This light-skinned ninja with black eyes and chin-length hair is called Sasuke Uchiha and is the surviving member of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. The Naruto cursor and anime pointer with Sasuke Uchiha and Chidori Katana!

Colección NarutoDescarga 229141 veces

Onegai My Melody Kuromi Cursor

Tomboy, lover of mischief, My Melody's rival - punk rabbit Kuromi, in the cute anime cursor from the Onegai My Melody series.

Colección SanrioDescarga 229081 veces

Cola Cursor

Things go better with Coca-Cola! Cola cursor from the Food & Drinks collection. And remember - do not use this custom cursor on the Mentos website.

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 228032 veces

Pusheen and Flower Cursor

Ah, if only you knew how a cat Pusheen loves flowers ... Or rather loves to eat flowers. Gentle mouse cursor with a cute Pusheen the cat and spring flower from the free cursors collection.

Colección PusheenDescarga 227842 veces

Fortnite Midas Skin Golden King Pickaxe Cursor

He can turn any weapon or vehicle into gold similar to the Greek myth about King Midas, a greedy king who could turn anything he touched to gold.

Colección FortniteDescarga 227723 veces

NASA Cursor

Space exploration was always were always linked with innovation and brave man that risking their lives move us further across the final frontier. A cursor with the most innovative space agency NASA and an astronauts glove.

Colección LifestyleDescarga 227438 veces

Porsche 911 GT3 Cursor

Porsche 911 is one of the most popular sports cars of the eminent German brand. Cross the pages with a fast, sporty custom cursor in the form of an orange Porsche 911 GT3.

Colección SupercarsDescarga 226432 veces

Minecraft Stone Sword and Wither Skeleton Cursor

That pixel world of creativity with never ending ideas. Minecraft Stone Sword and Wither Skeleton cursor from our Minecraft cursor collection.

Colección MinecraftDescarga 226005 veces

This Is Fine Cursor

This Is Fine meme cursor is about a dog trying to assure himself that everything is fine, despite sitting in a room that is engulfed in flames.

Colección MemesDescarga 225697 veces

Black Pug Dog Cursor

What could be more cute than Black Pug Dog cursor from our Dogs and Puppies cursor collection?

Colección Dogs and PuppiesDescarga 225212 veces

Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma Cursor

One of the main characters of the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, cowardly Zenitsu Agatsuma and his Nichirin Blade sword in a custom cursor pack.

Pusheen and Pizza Cursor

A cute cursor with Pusheen cat that features the kitty satisfying her savory cravings with a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza.

Colección PusheenDescarga 224739 veces

Lilo & Stitch Christmas Stitch Cursor

A Christmas styled character from Lilo and Stitch - one of Disney fans' favorite movies. Lilo & Stitch Christmas Stitch cursor from our Disney Cartoons cursor collection.

Colección Disney CartoonsDescarga 224478 veces

Among Us Stitch Character Cursor

If you are like a blue alien genetic creation Stitch, then make the same your Among Us character! The game Among Us cursor with Stitch Character!

Colección Among UsDescarga 223800 veces

Malow Cat Thurston Waffles Meme Cursor

This is Malow Cat or Thurston Waffles, which everyone knows for his loud meows. Videos with this cute white cat were remixed into various music remixes, videos, and photo memes. The cute and funny meme cursor for a mouse with Malow Cat Thurston Waffles!

Colección Funny CatsDescarga 223512 veces

Blue and Purple Butterfly Cursor

Butterflies are so beautiful and gentle to simply take your breath away when they sly around and show lavish colorful paint of their wings. Enjoy the beauty of our Blue and Purple butterfly colorful cursor.

Colección AnimalsDescarga 223395 veces

Roblox Adopt Me Blue Dog Cursor

Blue Dog is a character in the Roblox Adopt Me!, it's a limited uncommon pet that could be hatched out of the Blue Egg during the pet update. The blue egg is no longer available so the only way you can obtain it is if you have that egg or trade others.

Colección Adopt Me!Descarga 223067 veces

Tiko Fishstick and Orange Flopper Cursor

Fishstick is a skin from the popular game Fortnite. Tiko is a YouTuber from America, popular for filming Fortnite videos with a voice changer. If you like Fortnite game use a cool mouse cursor with YouTubers Tiko Fishstick and Orange Flopper!

Colección YouTubersDescarga 223035 veces

Sea Vacation Pixel Cursor

The Sea Vacation Pixel cursor for a mouse!

Colección Color PixelsDescarga 222050 veces

Among Us Black Character in Bat Wings Cursor

If you love Among Us and bats, change the character's color to Black and put on the Bat Wings Hat. The game cursor Among Us Black Character in Bat Wings Hat!

Colección Among UsDescarga 221251 veces

Kiwi Cursor

Kiwi is not only a very tasty berry but also very healthy. Juicy delicious kiwi is usually eaten fresh and also added to pies, jellies, marmalade, and other desserts. Delicious berry in the form of the green mouse cursor and pointer Kiwi!

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 220910 veces

SpongeBob DoodleBob Cursor

DoodleBob was created by SpongeBob after he found a magic pencil that makes drawings come to life. He is a crudely sketched, black-and-white version of SpongeBob.

Colección SpongeBobDescarga 220889 veces

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro Cursor

Two new amazing creativity products from Apple, Pencil and iPad Pro now as cursor from our Gadgets and Devices cursor collection.

Colección Gadgets and DevicesDescarga 219686 veces

Fortnite Skull Ranger Cursor

Did you prepare for Helloween? Custom cursor Fortnite pack can help you with this issue. We prepared Skull Ranger cursor pack - a rare female counterpart of the Skull Trooper outfit.

Colección FortniteDescarga 219196 veces

XXXTentacion Cursor

Many people know this famous American musician, singer, and songwriter. This is Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, but he is better known as XXXTentacion. The popular music cursor for a mouse with XXXTentacion!

Colección RappersDescarga 219063 veces

Sketch 3D Cursor

White custom cursor with hand-drawn 3D arrow and pointer hand.

Colección StarterDescarga 218707 veces

Neon Green and Red Apple with Worm Cursor

The neon cursor and food pointer with Green and Red Apple with Worm!

Colección NeonDescarga 218643 veces

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Skin Tat Axe Cursor

The game Fortnite cursor for a mouse with Cuddle Team Leader Skin Tat Axe!

Colección FortniteDescarga 218591 veces

Roblox Noob L Dance Cursor

The Roblox cursor and game pointer with Noob L Dance!

Colección RobloxDescarga 218431 veces

Roblox Piggy Doggy Cursor

A brown dog named Doggy, who is ready to attack Piggy for bone in the mouse cursor from the Roblox Piggy horror game.

Colección RobloxDescarga 218342 veces

Cursoji - Alien Cursor

We want to believe. Green Alien cursor from the depths of space. Emoji and cursor collaboration in cursor pack with nice Alien face.

Colección CursojiDescarga 217677 veces
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