Cursores de descarga superior

Nuestra colección de lindos cursores personalizados es gigante, actualmente consta de los hermosos paquetes de cursor 4945. A lo largo de los años, hemos recibido muchas preguntas sobre cuántas veces se descargó cada uno de los lindos cursores. Es por eso que decidimos brindarle una herramienta que puede mostrarle los cursores más descargados de todos los tiempos de nuestra colección de cursores.

Cute Lynx Cursor

The biggest cat in Europe! It's about Lynx - predatory cat that can purr. We know that you really like cats, that's why we prepared these cute mouse cursors. Beautiful lynx cute cursors will give you joy every day, so add it to customize your mouse.

Colección Cute Cursores Descarga 119542 veces

Among Us Bart Simpson Character Cursor

If you like the game Among Us and the eldest bully child from the Simpson family, then add this Among Us cursor with Bart Simpson Character!

Colección Among UsDescarga 119477 veces

Fortnite Aquaman Skin and Aquaman’s Trident Pickaxe Cursor

Well, who will open Fortnite 3 water season, if not Aquaman himself?! Fortnite cursor with Aquaman skin and his Trident pickaxe for all fans of DC Comics and Fortnite Battle Royal game.

Colección FortniteDescarga 119396 veces

Among Us Hisoka Character Cursor

Do you like to spend your time playing the game Among Us or watching the anime Hunter x Hunter? Then enjoy this Among Us cursor with Hisoka Character!

Colección Among UsDescarga 119202 veces

VSCO Girl Pixel Hearts and Red Planet Cursor

Can a pixel heart love? Perhaps in outer space, there is a planet where everything is possible. Red VSCO cursor with two pixel hearts and one planet with a ring around it.

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 118971 veces

Louis Vuitton Cursor

Feelings like Louis Vuitton, or real, or not needed. Custom cursor with the Legendary monogram and LV logo of the popular fashion brand.

Colección StreetwearDescarga 118841 veces

Fortnite Drift Skin Mask Rift Edge Pickaxe Cursor

Fortnite cursor with Drift Skin Mask and Rift Edge Pickaxe. Put this noice Fortnite Skin on your cursor.

Colección FortniteDescarga 118750 veces

Pusheen Present and Gift Box Cursor

The amazing Pusheen cat prepared an incredibly pretty gift for you, namely herself! The cute cursor for a mouse with Pusheen Present and Gift Box!

Colección PusheenDescarga 118742 veces

Materials Birthday Cake Cursor

Birthday Cake - a sweet cake eaten to celebrate a birthday with candles on it that indicate the age of the birthday person. Historically, this custom came from the Romans from the 8th century. Delicious Material Birthday Cake cursor for a pointer!

Colección MaterialsDescarga 118683 veces

Fortnite Black Panther and Vibranium Daggers Cursor

Which is better: the Marvel universe or the game Fortnite? I choose it all in a game cursor for a mouse with Fortnite Black Panther and Vibranium Daggers!

Colección FortniteDescarga 118589 veces

Off-White Cursor

Don't look down! This is Off-White cursor. Extremely expensive streetwear cursor instead of your usual mouse arrow.

Colección StreetwearDescarga 118605 veces

Fortnite Focus Skin Fixation Pickaxe Cursor

Custom cursor with Focus skin and Fixation pickaxe from the Fortnight Focal Point set.

Colección FortniteDescarga 118536 veces

Magenta Crystal Cursor

For lovers of beautiful crystals and amazing purple or pink color, we have created the pretty Magenta Crystal cursor for a mouse!

Colección Crystal StonesDescarga 118480 veces

Cute Paint Tube Cursor

Paint with our cute cursors! We prepared cursors with a tube of paint to encourage you to paint today. It's because painting is almost magical in the sense that a canvas can be completely blank on hour, but be filled with color the next!

Colección Cute Cursores Descarga 118327 veces

Haikyuu!! Tadashi Yamaguchi and Fries Cursor

Yamaguchi mouse cursors! He is a first-year in Karasuno High School. Oddly, his favorite food is soggy French fries. That's why we made this interesting combination of custom cursors. If you like this character add this anime cursor!

Colección Haikyuu!!Descarga 118209 veces

Genshin Impact Klee and Jumpy Dumpty Cursor

Klee is a playable Pyro character with light red eyes, blonde hair, and elf-like ears. The Genshin Impact cursor with Klee and Jumpy Dumpty!

Colección Genhin ImpactDescarga 118108 veces

Fortnite Cuddlepool Bow Cursor

Oh, look... it's a Deadpool-themed Cuddlepool skin from Fortnite Battle Royale game! This cuddle bear player skin is from Fortnite's outfits of the Marvel Series. Skin Cuddlepool can be purchased from Fortnite Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks.

Colección FortniteDescarga 117914 veces

VSCO Girl Monstera and Wave Sun Cursor

I would like to get to a tropical island, inside which is filled with magnificent vegetation, and around the waves gracefully play with the rays of the sun. Green VSCO cursor with tropical leaf and sun into wave logo.

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 117768 veces

Neon Money Cursor

If you like metal money, namely gold coin, and green paper dollar called banknote, then add this Neon cursor for a mouse with Money!

Colección NeonDescarga 117757 veces

SpongeBob Overtime Meme Cursor

This is a funny meme called Overtime with a yellow character SpongeBob. The meme was created because of a quote SpongeBob shouted during an argument with Patrick Star. The funny cartoon meme cursor SpongeBob Overtime Meme!

Colección SpongeBobDescarga 117669 veces

Haikyuu!! Kei Tsukishima Cursor

Kei Tsukishima, the highest player and middle blocker of the Karasuno High School volleyball team, in the anime mouse cursor from the Haikyuu!! series.

Colección Haikyuu!!Descarga 117614 veces

Gucci Kingsnake Cursor

GG Supreme Kingsnake custom cursor. Dress your cursor in one of the hottest styles of the season!

Colección StreetwearDescarga 117454 veces

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Pacific Blue Cursor

This is the new iPhone 12 Pro! The official presentation was on October 13, 2020. The iPhone 12 Pro has received improved screen technology, has a 5G modem, and can perfectly shoot photos and videos. The custom cursor iPhone 12 Pro for a pointer!

Colección Gadgets and DevicesDescarga 117372 veces

Cute Soap and Shower Sponge Cursor

If you like to take a shower or soak in a bubble bath, then you will love this couple of smiling friends! The cute cursor with Soap and Shower Sponge!

Colección Cute Cursores Descarga 117239 veces

Neon Treble Clef and Note Cursor

If you love writing or listening to music then be sure to add this neon cursor for a mouse with purple Treble Clef and blue Note!

Colección NeonDescarga 117204 veces

Minimal Balloon Cursor

To beautifully decorate the room for a holiday, use multi-colored bright balloons! The Minimal cursor and light purple Balloon pointer!

Colección Minimal StyleDescarga 117209 veces

Falling Gudetama Cursor

The lazy egg is the actual meaning of the name "Gudetama". Gudetama was invented when the creator cooked an egg, the yolk the quite like today's young people - feeling tired about life. So for those days, we prepared for you these Gudetama cute cursors.

Colección SanrioDescarga 117123 veces

Minecraft Bow and Illusioner Cursor

Remember that Illusioners cannot attack unless they have a bow. Therefore, we have provided this Minecraft cursor pack with a bow and Illusioner mob so you can use it to the full.

Colección MinecraftDescarga 116974 veces

Demon Slayer Muichiro Tokito Cursor

Anime cursor with a powerful swordsman and Demon Slayer named Muichiro Tokito, and his sword from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series.

Roblox Piggy Clowny Cursor

Another Roblox Piggy skin cursor in our Roblox cursor collection. Piggy Clowny skin is used by a primary bot of Carnival, and the second bot is Foxy. This clown with two hair buns with his spots hammer in a Roblox Piggy Clowny game cursor.

Colección RobloxDescarga 116901 veces

Among Us Finn Character Cursor

If you can't choose which one you prefer: the game Among Us or the cartoon Adventure Time, then put it together in Among Us cursor with Finn Character!

Colección Among UsDescarga 116797 veces

Cute Fortune Cookie Cursor

This pretty cookie smiles so sweet because it knows what prediction you will come across! The cute cursor for a mouse with Cute Fortune Cookie!

Colección Cute Cursores Descarga 116715 veces

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Cursor

If you are an ice cream lover, then you definitely heard about Baskin-Robbins! The food cursor and chocolate pointer with Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream!

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 116707 veces

Among Us Superman Character Cursor

If you like the fantastic game Among Us or the DC Comics Universe, then put it all together in the Among Us cursor with Superman Character!

Colección Among UsDescarga 116622 veces

Minimal Avocado Cursor

Avocado is a pear-shaped fruit with a hard, dark green skin, a yellow pulp, and a big seed inside. The yellow Minimal cursor and Avocado pointer!

Colección Minimal StyleDescarga 116526 veces

Saint Patrick's Day Rainbow and Pot of Gold Cursor

We all heard the legend that at the end of each rainbow there is a pot of gold that the real lucky ones can find and get rich. If you still haven't found your pot, you may practice with this custom cursor designed for St. Patrick's Day.

Colección HolidaysDescarga 116496 veces

Pokemon Eevee and Sylveon Cursor

Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon from Generation I, who evolves into Fairy-type Sylveon from Generation VI. The cartoon Pokemon cursor Eevee and Sylveon!

Colección PokemonDescarga 116428 veces

Materials Honeycomb Cursor

Honey is a delicacy that bees produce from the nectar of flowers, and honeycombs are bees' wax houses, where they store food supplies. Honeycombs are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Healthy and sweet Material Honeycomb cursor for a mouse!

Colección MaterialsDescarga 116407 veces

Neon Sunglasses and Coconut Drink Cursor

Imagine that you are on the ocean, sunbathing in sunglasses, and drinking coconut water! The neon cursor with purple Glasses and a green Coconut Drink!

Colección NeonDescarga 116292 veces

Among Us Patrick Star Character Cursor

Patrick Star looks like an overweight pink sea star in green pants with lavender flowers on them. The Among Us cursor with Patrick Star Character!

Colección Among UsDescarga 116031 veces

Easter Egg and Bunny Cursor

Legend has it that the Easter Bunny decorates and hides eggs as they are also a symbol of new life. Easter egg cursor pack with a cute little bunny cursor for your Easter celebrations!

Colección HolidaysDescarga 116034 veces

VSCO Girl Penguin and Mask Cursor

To see the cute penguin, you need to go to Antarctica. Take a mask that will protect your eyes from winds and snow! The VSCO Girl cursor with Penguin and Mask!

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 115931 veces

Fall Guys Character in Pigeon Costume Cursor

A bean character, also known as funny gummy, in a Pigeon costume, from the Fall Guys game. One of the best character skins in-game is a Pigeon skin. You can customize your mouse cursor with Fall Guys Pigeon.

Colección Fall GuysDescarga 115905 veces

Minecraft Enchanted Book and Netherite Sword Cursor

The Minecraft cursor for a mouse with purple Enchanted Book and melee weapon, namely Netherite Sword!

Colección MinecraftDescarga 115654 veces

Neon Firework Cursor

As soon as a holiday comes or you have a desire to create something fantastic, fireworks come to mind! The neon cursor and light pointer with Firework!

Colección NeonDescarga 115698 veces

Amogus Meme Cursor

Amogus is a popular phrase used to replace dialogue in hilarious memes about the video game Among Us. The funny meme cursor for a mouse with Amogus!

Colección MemesDescarga 115669 veces

Dragonborn Pusheen and Axe Cursor

Cute, fluffy cat becomes a strong Dragonborn hero! Now she can compete with even the strongest heroes of Skyrim. If the cat Pusheen and the game Skyrim is your passion, add this cute cursor pack and help Pusheen become the main Dragonborn!

Colección PusheenDescarga 115509 veces

Biohazard Cursor

Be careful with this toxic cursor pack. The cursor and barrel pointer is in bright yellow color and has biohazard icons all over it.

Colección StarterDescarga 115487 veces

Fortnite V-Bucks Cursor

You cannot buy happiness for money, for money you can buy outfits, pickaxes, wraps and Battle Pass. Provided that it is Fortnite in-game currency. Use this free Fortnite V-Bucks instead of your default cursor.

Colección FortniteDescarga 115441 veces

Neon Clover Cursor

This green herb is called Clover and if you find a four-leaf clover, it will bring you good luck. The neon cursor for a mouse with Clover!

Colección NeonDescarga 115284 veces

Five Nights at Freddy's Glitchtrap Cursor

Custom cursor with Glitchtrap, aka Anomaly, the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted game.

VSCO Girl Coke Bottle and Van Cursor

It's time to stock up on cool Coca-Cola and go on a trip. Pink VSCO cursor with a bottle of cola and a van.

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 115200 veces

Miraculous Ladybug Tikki Cursor

Wow! It is incredible! Kwami of Creation is used by Marinette and gives her the superhero power of the Ladybug - Tikki and her favorite cookies in a miraculous custom cursor.

Gudetama Falling Cursor

This cute cartoon Gudetama is a lazy and sad yolk, which fell out of his eggshell and sits, doing nothing. The cute cursor Sanrio Falling Gudetama!

Colección SanrioDescarga 115008 veces

Horse Cursor

Have you ever ridden a horse, or had a chance to pet it? Horses are really beautiful, graceful, and kind animals. They love humans as much as we love them. Now this beautiful horse can become your new mouse cursor.

Colección AnimalsDescarga 114983 veces
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