Top Downloaded Cursors

Our collection of the cute custom cursors is giant, currently, it consists of the 4945 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions from you on how many times each of cute cursors was downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Gacha Life Lado and Ducky Cursor

The cute girl with blue and purple hair, Lado, is a character in the interesting game Gacha Life, located in Hometown A. Lado is very mischievous and is a variant of Cat Girl, has two tails. The cute game mouse cursor Gacha Life Lado and Ducky!

Naruto Sarada Uchiha and Shuriken Cursor

Sarada Uchiha is a kunoichi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan, who masterfully owns shurikens. The anime cursor Naruto Sarada Uchiha and Shuriken!

Naruto Cursor Collection114640 downloads

Fortnite Black Manta Skin Manta Blades Pickaxe Cursor

If Aquaman came to Fortnite, then Black Manta is also nearby! Fortnite cursor with Black Manta skin and Manta Blades pickaxe from the DC Series.

Houseparty Cursor

Houseparty is a social network service that allows people to communicate with video chats. It supports up to eight people in one chat room. Houseparty suddenly has seen a growth in popularity as everyone's stuck at home and can no longer communicate.

Fortnite Zorgoton Skin Flying Slasher Pickaxe Cursor

Green alien Zorgoton Skin from the Fortnite UFO set and his Flying Slasher Pickaxe with the inscription "BeLIEve" in the space Fortnite custom cursor pack.

Cute Cool Mushroom Cursor

When you see this cute cool mushroom many wonderful dreams pop-up into your mind. I can almost see this cute spore playing in the forest with cute little dwarves and small forest creatures. A Cute Cool Mushroom as a cute cursor.

InquisitorMaster Cursor

Alexandra, popular as InquisitorMaster, is an American YouTuber who publishes content, challenges, and plays Roblox games - Adopt Me, Gacha Life, Royale High, Roblox Piggy. The YouTuber cursor and pointer InquisitorMaster!

Fried Chicken Leg Bucket Cursor

Appetizing mouse cursor with a fried chicken leg and a chicken leg bucket, for all lovers of a hearty meal.

Minimal Planet Earth Cursor

Our planet Earth, which resembles a ball, is the most amazing and wonderful planet in the Universe. The blue Minimal cursor and Planet Earth pointer!

Hanako-Kun Mokke Cursor

These little pink rabbits with two eyes are named Mokke and they live in Kamome Academy. The anime Hanako-Kun cursor for a mouse with Mokke and Candy!

Demon Slayer Sabito Cursor

Former apprentice of Sakonji Urokodaki and Tanjiro’s strict mentor, Sabito, and his hand-made fox mask made in the mouse cursor from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime series.

Among Us Batman Character Cursor

If you like the fantastic game Among Us or the DC Comics Universe, then combine it all in the Among Us cursor for a mouse with Batman Character!

Neon Snow Globe and Mittens Cursor

The glass ball with a Christmas tree and snow - is Snow Globe. And to keep warm when playing with this, use mittens. The Mittens cursor and Snow Globe pointer!

Neon Cursor Collection113848 downloads

My Hero Academia Nemuri Kayama Cursor

Nemuri Kayama aka Midnight is a pro hero in the popular anime My Hero Academia or originally Boku No Hero Academia. She works in U.A. High School and teaches Modern Hero Art History. Midnight is a playful character with serious side to her.

Minimal Flower Cursor

No holiday, no celebration can be really joyful and beautiful without amazing flowers! The Minimal cursor and pink Flower pointer!

Minecraft Golden Pickaxe and Coal Cursor

The Golden Pickaxe is a tool in Minecraft that is used to extract stones and minerals. The material that is extracted from Coal Ore is Coal. It can be used in trading, as fuel, as an ingredient. Pixel game cursor Minecraft Golden Pickaxe and Coal!

Roblox Bacon Hair Cursor

The hotly debated Pal Hair, nicknamed Bacon Hair, because of its structure resembled bacon to many players, in lit Roblox cursor. For everyone who likes and who doesn’t.

Roblox Cursor Collection113563 downloads

Roblox Piggy Bunny Cursor

Roblox mouse cursor with a rabbit ally named Bunny, who is ready to nack out Piggy with her crossbow for a delicious carrot.

Roblox Cursor Collection113416 downloads

Cute Beige Cat Cursor

A cute fluffy cat that bask in various poses is already available for your cute cursors collection.

Minecraft Shulker Cursor

Straight from the end cities, insidious, box-shaped mobs Shulkers, in purple Minecraft custom cursor.

Pip and Crown Cursor

Meet his Royal Highness, Prince Pip! Cute cat Pip, who found the crown in the royal cursor from Pusheen world.

Minecraft Lucky Block and Gold Ingot Cursor

Do you love the exciting computer game Minecraft? Lucky Block and Gold Ingot in the shape of a Minecraft cursor and game pointer!

Minecraft Redstone Torch Cursor

Do not confuse this with a regular torch, because this is a Redstone torch, the Redstone-device that can perform some additional functions.

Fall Guys Character in Hot Dog Costume Cursor

One of the popular skins in the game Fall Guys is the Hot Dog costume, which really looks like a delicious hot dog. Hot Dog outfit is free to get by reaching level 19 in Season 1 of the Battle Pass. Cool game mouse cursor as Hot Dog from Fall Guys.

Cute Chemistry Flask Cursor

These cute little blue flasks with a pink liquid inside are actually special glass containers that are used as laboratory chemical equipment. But look at these cute smiling chemistry flasks. Kawaii happy cursor Cute Chemistry Flask!

Cute Bee Cursor

This cute bee is looking for its flower and maybe it's you. Add this striped workaholic to your cute collection and let your life be honey.

Among Us Plankton Character Cursor

If you love the space game Among Us and the cartoon about SpongeBob SquarePants, then enjoy this Among Us cursor for a mouse with Plankton Character!

Minimal Jellyfish Cursor

Jellyfish are popular marine animals that have a transparent saucer-shaped body with tentacles. The pink cursor and minimal pointer with Minimal Jellyfish!

UFO Flying Saucer Cursor

Do you believe in UFO? Many people think that aliens exist and some say that they even have seen one. We are not sure about real aliens, but we are sure that our UFO Flying Sauser cursor pack exists and you can get it from our free cursor collection!

Minecraft Water Bottle Cursor

Today we prepared a glass bottle with water Minecraft cursor for you! A glass bottle is an item where you can put water, potion, honey. You can make a bottle with water by using it on a water block or a cauldron with water in it.

Minecraft Armor Stand and Diamond Armor Cursor

Minecraft armor stands are in-game objects that are able to hold and display wearable armor items. They can be found in taiga village armorer houses, sometimes even pre-equipped with an armor. Minecraft game cursor with Armor Stand and Diamond Armor.

Ruby Red 3D Cursor

Passionate, emotional, and eye-catching 3D mouse cursor in ruby red color.

Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Cursor

This beautiful girl is called Harley Quinn and she is the main character of the cool movie Birds of Prey, as well as a supervillain from the DC Comics universe. The amazing DC comics cursor for a mouse from Birds of Prey with Harley Quinn!

Badminton Cursor

Badminton is a game sport originally from India, which is included in a Summer Olympic sport. The sports cursor for a mouse with Badminton!

Sport Cursor Collection111751 downloads

Obey Cursor

Where have the Obey posters not been pasted yet? Now it got to the custom cursor. Take the stylish cursor with the cult poster of street artist Shepard Fairey into your collection.

Neon Soda and Burger Cursor

If you love delicious fast food, then, especially for you, we created a neon cursor for a mouse with Soda and Burger!

Neon Cursor Collection111373 downloads

Materials Pizza Cursor

Pizza - one of the most popular dishes in the world, a tasty dish of Italian cuisine from ancient Egypt. Cheese is the most basic ingredient, the rest is added depending on the type of pizza. The custom yummy-cursor Material Pizza!

Fortnite Globe Shaker and Polar Poleaxe Cursor

The Globe Shaker is an epic skin that perfectly complements the rare harvesting tool Polar Poleaxe. The game cursor Fortnite Globe Shaker and Polar Poleaxe!

VSCO Girl Round Sunglasses and Sun Cursor

The sun shines brightly, you are wearing round glasses and have good vibes. Have a sunny walk with this VSCO Girl custom cursor.

My Melody and Harp Cursor

My Melody is a beautiful white rabbit, the best friend of Hello Kitty, created by Sanrio. The cute cursor for a mouse with My Melody and Harp!

Sanrio Cursor Collection111145 downloads

Minimal Cherry Cursor

Did you know that the sweet and sour queen of the berry season is considered a delicious cherry? The Minimal cursor and dark red food pointer with Cherry!

VSCO Girl Love Hearts and Sakura Flower Cursor

Ah, how beautiful the time for cherry blossoms is, the whole world turns pink and the smell of love is in the air. VSCO cursor with love hearts and cherry flower.

Roblox Piggy Zizzy Cursor

Roblox cursor with a zebra named Zizzy, who, like all the allies in Roblox Piggy, is ready to come to the rescue with her fencing sword, just for a bunch of green grass.

Roblox Cursor Collection110804 downloads

Minimal Candy Cursor

Many people love candies because this is the most famous and delicious product that can delight anyone. The Minimal cursor and purple Candy pointer!

Among Us Homer Simpson Character Cursor

If you can't choose what you like: the game Among Us or the cartoon The Simpsons, then put it all in Among Us cursor with Homer Simpson Character!

My Hero Academia Nejire Hado Cursor

Curious Nejire Hado, also known by her hero name Nejire Chan, is one of the most powerful High School students, part of the Big 3, in a custom cursor from the BNHA anime series.

White Cartoon Hand Cursor

Let life be a little cartoon with this white glove hand cursor.

Pokemon Eevee and Leafeon Cursor

Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon from Generation I, who evolves into Grass-type Leafeon from Generation IV. The cartoon Pokemon cursor Eevee and Leafeon!

Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game