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Many people love simplicity, and simplicity is minimalism. Who didn't know, this is a direction in the art that comes out of the minimal transformation of the used creative materials, monochrome, simplicity, and uniformity of forms, the creative limitation of the artist. Thus, we can get a green cursor for the mouse Minimal Apple or the Minimal cursor in red color with Strawberry!

Did you know that minimalism can help reduce stress? Because there are not many bright details, you will feel much more comfortable. In this way, you can enjoy the beautiful mouse cursor Minimal Medusa or the yellow cursor Minimal Star!

Today, minimalism is a relevant modern trend that is used in sculpture, design, music, architecture, and the like. Now, this style can be applied to your custom cursors for a mouse. Yes, you heard everything right! For lovers of simplicity and minimalism, we've created the Minimal collection, where you can find FanArt and some own cursors inspired by minimal styles such as Minimal Soda cursor for a mouse, pink Minimal Donut cursor, Minimal green cursor with Chameleon, and Minimal chocolate cursor with Ice Cream!

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