Crystal Stones Cursor Collection

Crystal Stones

Incredibly beautiful crystals are solids of natural or synthetic origin, which have a natural shape and forming a crystal lattice. Interestingly, the word "crystal" comes from the Greek word that in ancient times was called ice and rhinestone.

In addition to the fact that even in their unprocessed form, crystals look amazing, they also have magical and healing properties. Thus, our Blue Quartz Crystal cursor for a mouse is good for human health, the unique Crystal cursor with Creedite and Fluorite can relieve stress, and the Pink Zircon Crystal cursor protects against evil magic!

For fans of wonderful crystals, we have created the Crystal Stones collection of amazing cursors, which contains a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, minerals, and even volcanic rocks! They are all different in size, shape, and color. In this way, you can choose a red cursor for a mouse with Ruby Crystal, Obsidian Crystal cursor, turquoise cursor for a mouse with Aquamarine Crystal, Yellow Citrine Crystal cursor for a mouse, purple cursors with Magenta Crystal and Fluorite Crystal, green cursor for a mouse Uranium Crystal, Red Beryl Crystal cursor for a mouse and many more!

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