Top Downloaded Cursors

Our collection of the cute custom cursors is giant, currently, it consists of the 4777 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions from you on how many times each of cute cursors was downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Minimal Butterfly Cursor

The pretty Butterfly with beautiful wings is one of the most popular and amazing flying insects. The Minimal cursor and blue Butterfly pointer!

Adidas Cursor

All people know the world leader in sporting goods Adidas! It is a German company founded in 1924 by the Dassler brothers. The cool Adidas cursor for a mouse from the Streetwear cursor collection!

VSCO Girl Penny Board and Alarm Clock Cursor

Wakey! It's time to ride your new Penny Board the color of the summer sky. Pastel blue VSCO cursor with short cruiser skateboard and alarm clock.

Cats Head Stuck in a Box Cursor

Curiosity got the better of this cat and he fell into the trap, sticking his head in a box and stuck in it! This video has become popular on the Internet and there is more than one such video. The fun custom mouse cursor Cats Head Stuck Box!

Fortnite The Cube Cursor

The Cube, or as Reddit users began to call it - Fortnite Kevin, the mysterious large purple object in the mouse cursor from the Fortnite: Battle Royale game.

Roblox Adopt Me Monkey Cursor

The Monkey is a cute rare pet made available during the Monkey Fairground event in the game Adopt Me. The Monkey can be obtained from the Monkey Box and the Premium Box. The game Roblox cursor for a mouse from Adopt Me with Monkey!

BTS and ARMY Logo Cursor

BTS is a popular South Korean boy band, which has received a lot of music awards. The k-pop cursor and music pointer with BTS and ARMY Logo!

K-Pop Cursor Collection146568 downloads

Red Hot Pepper Neon Cursor

Fire-hot chili pepper in the stylish neon cursor pack. Huh, spicy!

Neon Cursor Collection146446 downloads

Neon Chocolate Cursor

For true lovers of sweet and delicious chocolate in the pink wrapper, we have prepared the Neon cursor and tasty Chocolate pointer!

Neon Cursor Collection146350 downloads

Minecraft Llama Spit and Llama Cursor

Minecraft Llamas are neutral, but if a player or mob attacks one, it spits at the attacker once, sometimes they miss and hit another llama, starting a fight.

Stranger Things Eleven Eggo Waffles Cursor

Jane Hopper or Eleven has extremely strong psychic abilities. Eleven also loves Kellogg's Eggo - is a frozen waffle brand sold in the US. Stranger Things cursor for a mouse with Eleven and Eggo Waffles!

Venom Eddie Brock Cursor

Edward Allan Charles Brock is a supervillain of the Marvel Comics universe. Eddie Brock became popular due to his symbiote connection. Venom is the connection of the human body with an alien parasite. A supervillain in the form of the Marvel cursor with Venom Eddie Brock!

Gudetama and Chopsticks Cursor

A mouse cursor with a lazy egg yolk named Gudetama, which hung on chopsticks because he is too lazy to be eaten.

Sanrio Cursor Collection145618 downloads

Yellow Lemon Neon Cursor

We do not know whether this neon lemon cursor is as acidic as the original lemon. But one thing is certain: when we look at it, saliva flows no worse.

Neon Cursor Collection145584 downloads

Super Smash Bros Master Hand Cursor

Master Hand is the main boss in the addicting series of games Super Smash Bros. The Master Hand is a floating living white glove that appears in games as an obstacle. The game cursor for a mouse from Super Smash Bros with Master Hand!

Games Cursor Collection145359 downloads

Ferrari 458 Italia Cursor

Who does not dream of a red ferrari? Change your boring cursor to Ferrari 458 Italia and hit the gas!

Firefox Cursor

An orange custom cursor inspired by the logo of the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Blue Oyster Shell with Pearl Neon Cursor

Have you ever found a treasured pearl in oysters? If not yet, don’t be sad, miracles happen! In the meantime, keep this wonderful neon cursor with an oyster shell and a pearl in it.

Neon Cursor Collection145024 downloads

Among Us Red Character in Pompadour Hat Cursor

To look stylish, make the character red and use Pompadour Hat that looks like a black and shiny hairstyle. The Among Us cursor and game pointer!

Ice Cubes Cursor

Cold as the heart of your ex, a piece of ice instead of the usual mouse cursor.

Cursoji - Star-Struck Cursor

This dude is so impressed to see his star idol that his eyes turned into 2 stars. Pink-blue emoji cursor with starry eyes.

Gradient Triangles Cursor

A cursor pack where the cursor and pointer are made of triangles and colorful gradients that make them bright and unique.

Cute Soft Drink and Fries Cursor

It's really a happy meal, just look at their emotions. Kawaii drink cup and happy french fries in a cute custom cursor.

Among Us Purple Character in Astronaut Outfit Cursor

Make your character bright with purple color and put on an astronaut outfit. The game Among Us cursor with Purple Character in Astronaut Outfit!

Marshmallow Stick and Bonfire Neon Cursor

Well, which self-respecting tourist does not take a pack of marshmallows with him? So that later in the evening, in the light of the flame, roast it at the stake. Neon cursor with marshmallow stick and bonfire that is imbued with the spirit of camping.

Neon Cursor Collection143076 downloads

Neon Autumn Leaflet and Pear Cursor

The beautiful season Autumn pleases our eyes with its warm tones and ripen pears, just like our colorful yellow and orange neon cursor for a mouse with Autumn Leaflet and Pear!

Neon Cursor Collection142838 downloads

Pokemon Dragonair and Dragonite Cursor

Dragonair is a blue sea serpent Pokemon, that evolves into pseudo-legendary Dragonite. The cartoon Pokemon cursor with Dragonair and Dragonite!

Among Us Tiger Character Cursor

The Tiger skin is ideal for the game Among Us because it is the smart, strong, and brave wild predator. The Among Us cursor with Tiger Character!

Painter Cursor

If you love paintings, creativity, paints, and brushes then this job cursor and work pointer with Painter are for you! An artist is a creative person who knows how to transfer his experiences, thoughts, and impressions to paper using paints, pencils, and the like.

Job Cursor Collection142382 downloads

John Wick Pencil Cursor

This muscular strong man is called Johnathan Wick and he is a legendary hitman, who previously worked for the Tarasov Mob until his retirement. A famous movie cursor for a mouse with John Wick and Pencil!

Pokemon Eevee and Flareon Cursor

Eevee is a type of Pokémon, has the ability to evolve from any stone into a different shape. Flareon is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Eevee when exposed to Firestone. Cute cursor Eevee and Flareon for a mouse!

Among Us Cyan Character in Ram Horns Hat Cursor

Use Cyan color and curly and gray Ram Horns to add some uniqueness to your character. The game Among Us cursor with Cyan Character in Ram Horns Hat!

3D Yellow Pixel Cursor

Making its way from the old arcade games, like Space Invaders, pixelated graphics moved to Pixel Art. But we are pushing it even further creating cursors that have all of the qualities of pixel art and shifting them to 3D objects for you to enjoy.

Cute Potato Cursor

We all know what a potato looks like. But have you ever seen such a cute and kawaii vegetable? The cute cursor for a mouse with Potato!

3D Dark Blue Abstract Cursor

If you want to beautifully decorate your computer screen, then use the 3D Dark Blue cursor and Abstract pointer with purple pixels!

3D Pixel Effect Cursor

For Pixel Art lovers, we created a 3D cursor that has the qualities of pixel art and amazing effect. The turquoise Pixel 3D Effect cursor for a mouse!

Star Wars Mandalorian Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster Cursor

When one chooses to walk the Way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey. How can one be a coward if one chooses this way of life? - A Mandalorian Armorer

Cute Taco and Sauce Cursor

A taco is the most popular traditional Mexican dish. This is a delicious tortilla sandwich. Our pretty taco can be complemented by smiling sauce. Our cute tacos with very tasty and cute sauce as a yummy-cursor with Cute Taco and Sauce for a pointer.

White N Black Cursor

A nice checked pattern for your cursor and pointer in a White N Black cursor pack.

Haikyuu!! Koshi Sugawara Cursor

The vice-captain and moral support of the Karasuno school volleyball club - Koshi Sugawara, who, in addition to volleyball, is also crazy about Super Spicy Mapo Tofu, in the anime cursor from the Haikyuu!! series.

Wolf Cursor

The Grey Wolf is also known as Timber Wolf in North America are legendary because of their spine-tingling howl. Now you can set this strong animal as your mouse cursor with the Wolf cursor pack.

Cursoji - Nibbler Cursor

This funny cursor kid has strong enough teeth. I would not want him to bite me)). Emoji and cursor collaboration in cursor pack with nice Nibbler face.

Naruto Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru Cursor

Kiba Akamaru is one of the characters of the Naruto anime series. He has at times egoistic attitude, but he is loyal to his comrades and he is willing to do anything to protect them. Kiba has a trusted canine companion on his side, Akamaru.

Naruto Cursor Collection140857 downloads

Among Us Baldi Outfit and Ruler Cursor

Not sure which cool game to choose: Baldi's Basics or Among Us? Then choose it all with our game Among Us cursor called Baldi Outfit and Ruler!

Chococat Cursor

Chococat is a cute energetic black cat, one of the characters from Sanrio. The Chococat got its name from his chocolate-colored nose. He has a mustache with which he can collect information. The cute and cartoon Sanrio cursor with Chococat!

Sanrio Cursor Collection140760 downloads

Undertale Gaster Blaster Cursor

Gaster Blasters are skull-shaped weapons used by Sans in the fight with the player while battling them in Undertale's Genocide Route.

Neon Cup of Cocoa and Cookie Cursor

On this cold winter evening, you need a cup of hot Cocoa and delicious Cookies to warm up! The neon cursor Cup of Cocoa and Christmas Tree Сookie!

Neon Cursor Collection140289 downloads

Among Us Fortegreen Character in Safari Hat Cursor

Make your character a Fortegreen color that looks like Green and put on Safari Hat! A game Among Us cursor Fortegreen Character In Safari Hat!

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Stellar Axe Cursor

The unique Galaxy skin offered by Samsung and Epic Games last year was very much in demand, especially since it was available only for a limited time.

Colourful Comet and Earth Neon Cursor

Neon custom cursor with planet Earth and a Comet flying by. Make a wish!

Neon Cursor Collection139987 downloads

Pagani Zonda Cursor

Insanely Powerful Pagani Zonda as your custom cursor. Now your mouse will move around sites with incredible speed.

VSCO Girl Wi-Fi and Phone Cursor

Two things in love with each other - Wi-Fi and a mobile phone. Promise to be together in cursor pack, till dead battery do us part.

Cute Halloween Candy Cursor

On Halloween people dress up in fantastic, mystical costumes and go to neighbors for cute sweet candies. Look at this combination of pink, purple, orange, yellow, smiles. cute eyes, and blush! Halloween sweets and cute mouse cursor Cute Halloween Candy!

Stain of Paint Custom Cursor Logo Cursor

The bright purple-blue cursor for a mouse called Stain of Paint Custom Cursor Logo created from the paint the artist left behind.

Among Us Strawberry Character Cursor

If you like incredibly juicy strawberries, then make Among Us character red and add yellow seeds to it. The Among Us cursor and game pointer!

Soccer Boot Cursor

To score a good goal, your foot must be equipped with shoe of which you are sure. So, put a Football boot on your cursor and complete all the goals with your PC.

Sport Cursor Collection139385 downloads

Materials Donut Cursor

For lovers of delicious and sweet food, we have prepared a pink cursor for a mouse with Materials Donut, that looks like a glazed round pie.

Cute Orange Cat in Box Cursor

Almost all adorable cats love to play, fool around and hide in boxes because it's so much fun! The cute cursor for a mouse with Orange Cat in Box!

Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game