YouTubers Cursor Collection


Every day YouTube is getting more and more popular. In some way, its growth depends on popular people who upload their streams and videos there. Video news, game streams, pranks, unboxing videos, and just fan content have become part of our daily lives.

Who are these people to whom we dedicate our new collection of cursors? Of course, it's YouTuber's cursors.

We’ve added a PewDiePie cursor, one of the biggest YouTubers in the game with his gaming videos, comedic content, and Meme reviews. A cursor of MrBeast, a YouTuber who is popular for his series Worst Intros on YouTube and his gameplay videos. A cursor pack of LazarBeam who is popular for his videos featuring talentless created players, GTA videos, and other games. And many, many tubers cursors to be added. All cursors here are FanArt cursors, all rights for logos belong to their rightful owners, but FanArt cursor with a favorite YouTuber is what every fan dreams about.

Find a YouTuber cursor you like and enjoy!

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