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The great joy of victory. The all-encompassing bitterness of defeat. Athletes, like no one else, know what it is like to experience these unique feelings. Sport moves the planet forward, and overnight can make a person both incredibly happy and extremely unhappy. Therefore, it is not surprising that in anime the sports genre has a separate, honorable role. The Japanese are excellent at making anime about sports, and they are not limited to any one sport.

Haikyuu!! - anime about volleyball. After seeing a volleyball match on TV for the first time, high school student Shouyo Hinata was amazed to the core. Inspired, the short Hinata decided to devote himself to volleyball.

Here you will meet a bright arrogant genius who is striving for the top with all his might - Tobio Kageyama as anime cursor, Koutarou Bokuto cursor - a third-year student of the Fukurodani Academy, captain of a volleyball club and a winger, Anime cursor with Kenma Kozume - always a calm and shy lover of video games and other characters.

So, for fans of spokons and even more for volleyball fans, we have prepared a whole collection of fanart anime cursors. Here you can choose any of your favorite Haikyuu!! anime characters and make your mouse unique! There are many more to choose from like, Koshi Sugawara anime cursor, Haikyuu!! cursor with Kenma Kozume, Tōru Oikawa cursor, fanart cursor with Hinata, and many others.

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