How to use Custom Cursor for Windows 10

Q: How to manage your Custom Cursor for Windows app?

When you’ve downloaded all cursor packs in your Custom Cursor for Windows 10 app and want to clean up a little bit :)

  • Deleting downloaded cursor packs

    To remove some of the cursors you downloaded from the Custom Cursor for Windows 10 app you need to open the main app window. Navigate to a cursor pack that you want to be removed, and press the “DELETE” button next to it.

    The collection will automatically disappear, when all of its cursor packs are deleted.

  • Editing own cursor packs

    If you added your own cursor pack from .cur files to the Custom Cursor for Windows 10 app - you can edit them to fit your current needs. To do so, you need to navigate to Custom Cursor for Windows home page, find the cursor pack tile you like to edit. In the top right corner of the own cursor tile, you can find a pencil icon, click on it to open your own cursor pack edit mode.
    In the edit mode you can change your own cursor pack name and add or remove its elements like cursors or pointers. Please note that if you delete some of the elements your Windows defaults will be used.

    1. To add an element you need to press “Blue plus icon” on the tile you wish to assign a custom cursor element.
    2. To remove an element you just need to press the “Red trash can icon” for it to be removed.

    *Please note that you need to save your progress before exiting the “Edit own cursor” section by clicking the “Save” button.