How to use Custom Cursor for Windows 10

Q: How to use favorites and rotation of cursors?

When you have used our extension for some time and already have a list of cursors that you like its time to mark some of them as favorites in your Custom Cursor for Windows app to make them standout and to apply such cool feature to them as cursor rotation.

  • Marking / unmarking downloaded packs as favorites

    Open the Custom Cursor for Windows main window , if you are not on the home screen press the “Home” button, scroll down to a cursor you want to mark as favorite and hover your mouse over the cursor pack tile, the blue star will pop-up in the upper-right conner of a tile. Press the blue star to mark cursor pack as favorite and the star will turn pink. That’s it, you marked the cursor pack as favorite.

    Marking or unmarking downloaded packs as favorites

  • Rotating favorite cursors.

    Once you have successfully marked your downloaded cursors as favorites you can use the rotation feature to change cursors by time.

    1. To enable the rotation feature you need to navigate to Custom Cursor for Windows app Settings displayed as a cog icon in the upper-right section of the app.
    2. On the app setting page locate the Rotate favorite cursors by time: selector and set the time in seconds, minutes or hours you like your cursor to be changed. Be sure to click the checkbox near the title of the section to enable it and hit Apply to save your settings.

    Rotating favorite cursors

While working with favorites and cursor rotation feature please note that:

  1. Cursor rotation feature will not work with only one cursor selected as favorite;
  2. Rotation will stop if you "apply" a specific cursor from the "Home" app tab;
  3. Rotation might be paused and resumed by checking and unchecking a checkbox in the setting.