Курсор Ooblets Quabbo and Gleamy Quabbo

Experience the enchanting realm of Ooblets, a universe teeming with adorable creatures each with unique traits and aesthetics. Among the variety of Ooblets, the Quabbo species and their ultra-rare variant, Gleamy Quabbo with their distinctive characteristics and charming appearance. Quabbo is known for its balloon-like body and whimsical disposition, is one of the many Ooblets that players can cultivate and care for in the game. Quabbo's appealing design, akin to an adorable mushroom cap on a tiny body adds a dash of charm to their in-game farm. A fanart Ooblets cursor with Quabbo and Gleamy Quabbo.

Ooblets Quabbo and Gleamy Quabbo курсор
Ooblets Quabbo and Gleamy Quabbo Green Pointer

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