Курсор Ooblets Gopslop and Gleamy Gopslop

Gopslop and Gleamy Gopslop are two of the Ooblets that can be found in the game Ooblets. They are both mountain-dwelling creatures that are known for their goofy appearance and love of dancing. Gopslop is a small, red Ooblet with a bulbous head. Gopslop is an ooblet found at the base of Tippy Top mountain. They resemble a clump of dirt or a sprouted potato. Gleamy Gopslop is a rare variant of Gopslop but blue in color. Both Gopslops are very friendly and love to play. A fanart Ooblets cursor with Gopslop and Gleamy Gopslop.

Ooblets Gopslop and Gleamy Gopslop курсор
Ooblets Gopslop and Gleamy Gopslop Blue Pointer

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