Курсор Ooblets Gubwee and Gleamy Gubwee

Another amazing ooblets that can be found in the Badgetown is a wonderful Gubwee. Gubwee's look like a bright cactus with a round body and a head directly attached to it, shaped like a drop. Gubwee is usually red in color, with a darker red circle in the middle of their bodies, but Geamy Gubwee's have purple-blue bodies with a bright purple spot on them. Both of them have 2 round black eyes and a body colored smiles, and green cactus arms. Game custom cursor with Ooblets Gubwee and Gleamy Gubwee.

Ooblets Gubwee and Gleamy Gubwee курсор
Ooblets Gubwee and Gleamy Gubwee red Pointer

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