Курсор Henry Stickmin Mr. Fatlip

Mr. Fatlip is a character in the Henry Stickmin series of flash games. A member of the infamous Toppat Clan, Mr. Fatlip adds a unique flavor to the game's narrative. Known for his flat, dull brown top hat and notable fat bottom lip - the source of his moniker - Mr. Fatlip's presence enriches the game's immersive universe. Developed by PuffballsUnited, Henry Stickmin is a popular series of online games. It is widely lauded for its quirky characters, and Mr. Fatlip, despite his minor role, is no exception. A fanart Henry Stickmin games cursor with Mr. Fatlip.

Henry Stickmin Mr. Fatlip курсор
Henry Stickmin Mr. Fatlip White Pointer

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