Курсор Fire Emblem Alear and Libération Sword

Alear is a courageous and skilled young warrior in the Fire Emblem game, who is destined to lead the Libération Army against the oppressive forces of the Empire. Libération is an ancient blade that can only be wielded by Divine Dragons. Lumera previously wielded this sword, but after Alear's training battle against her, she bequeathed the sword to them. Alear is the main hero in Fire Emblem Engage. As an Avatar, their gender, along with their name and birthday, is determined by the player. Alear is a Divine Dragon and child of the Divine Dragon Monarch Lumera. A fanart Fire Emblem cursor with Alear and Libération Sword.

Fire Emblem Alear and Libération Sword курсор
Fire Emblem Alear and Libération Sword Red Blue Pointer

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