Курсор Disenchantment Queen Oona and Pirate Hat

Queen Oona is a character in the Disenchantment cartoon series that hails from the mysterious kingdom of Dankmire, offering a cultural blend that's nothing short of intriguing in the context of Dreamland's medieval setting. Her character adds a unique layer of diversity, represented through her distinct accent, her unabashed practice of Dankmirian customs, and the engaging tales of her homeland. Her transformation from an arranged royal wife to a self-reliant pirate queen showcases her strength and independence. The evolution of Oona's character has been a rewarding journey for viewers. A fanart Disenchantment cursor with Queen Oona and Pirate Hat.

Disenchantment Queen Oona and Pirate Hat курсор
Disenchantment Queen Oona and Pirate Hat Pointer

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