Курсор Chikn Nuggit Fwench Fwy

The cutie in our fanart Chikn Nuggit Fwench Fwy cursor pack is an original character in the Chikn Nuggit series. Fwench Fwy is one of the seven main characters of the show, voiced by Cristina Valenzuela. A divine, celestial wish dragon who fell from the sky, Fwench Fwy is depicted as an off-yellow dragon with beige coloring on the crescent on their tail, ears, paws, stomach, and horns. Their sclera is white, their iris is purple, fading into fuchsia, and has thin black pupils.

Chikn Nuggit Fwench Fwy курсор
Chikn Nuggit Fwench Fwy Brown Pointer

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