Курсор Chikn Nuggit Angelic Duck

Chikn Nuggit is a cartoon series created by created by Kyra Kupetsky. The series features a cast of bizarre and lovable characters, a weird little dog named Chikn Nuggit and his similarly fast-food-named friends. The cast of characters of the Chikn Nuggit web series is not limed to main figures like Chikn Nuggit, Cheezborger, Iscream, Slushi, Fwench Fwy, Sody Pop, Cofi, Bezel but sometimes includes cute occasional characters like this Chikn Nuggit unnamed Angelic Duck. A fanart Chikn Nuggit cursor with Angelic Duck.

Chikn Nuggit Angelic Duck курсор
Chikn Nuggit Angelic Duck White Pointer

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