Курсор Chikn Nuggit Cheezborger

Our fanart Chikn Nuggit Cheezborger cursor pack is just happy to be here. Chee is one of the eight main characters in the show. A kind feline who gets caught up in the other's antics. She is a calico cat with white fur and gray and orange spots. Cheezborger wears a beige hat resembling a cheeseburger, with white sesame seeds and a patty, a tomato, a lettuce leaf, and some cheese. On top of her hat is a pickle on a stick, which is revealed to keep her alive. Under her hat is a cage with an Mini-Chee inside.

Chikn Nuggit Cheezborger курсор
Chikn Nuggit Cheezborger Pointer

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