Курсор Bloons Tower Defense 6 Etienne ETn

Etienne is a hero in Bloons TD 6 who is known for his drone operator abilities. He can launch flying attack drones that can pop Bloons of all types. Etienne is also able to grant camo detection to all towers on the screen, making him a valuable asset in any BTD 6 lineup. Etienne's ETn skin is a special skin that was released in the Version 25.0 update. This skin transforms Etienne into an alien, and it gives him a number of new abilities. ETn's drones are now much larger and more powerful. A fanart Bloons Tower Defense 6 cursor with Etienne ETn.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 Etienne ETn курсор
Bloons Tower Defense 6 Etienne ETn Green Pointer

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