VSCO Girl Macarons and Croissant Curseur

Macarons are exquisite French confections known for their delicate, colorful shells and luscious fillings. These bite-sized treats have become a symbol of elegance and sophistication. VSCO girls appreciate macarons for their Instagram-worthy aesthetic and their sweet and chewy texture. Croissants, with their buttery and flaky texture, are a staple in French bakeries and a favorite of VSCO girls. These crescent-shaped pastries are perfect for breakfast or a mid-day snack. VSCO girls adore the Instagrammable moments that a beautifully baked croissant brings, with its golden-brown crust and soft, airy interior. A VSCO Girl custom cursor pack with colorful Macarons and Croissant as cursor and pointer.

VSCO Girl Macarons and Croissant Cursor

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