Spy x Family Happy Anya Forger with Peanuts Curseur

Anya Forger is a character in the anime and manga series Spy x Family known for her love to peanuts. Anya is a telepathic child who is adopted by Loid Forger, a spy, and Yor Forger, an assassin. Peanuts is a telepathic dog who is adopted by Yor. You may have thought that Anya liking peanuts is simply her taste but the lyrics to OP Mixed Nuts refer to how the family is mixed with other nuts but they are the peanuts that hide secrets which means that Anya likes people with secrets and she is a peanut herself hiding one too. A fanart Spy x Family cursor with Happy Anya Forger with Peanuts.

Spy x Family Happy Anya Forger with Peanuts Cursor

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