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Minimal Gradient

Minimal art has become extremely popular in recent years for a reason. Influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture, this kind of design has been created as an antidote to the brashness and chaos of urban life.

Minimalism is about having only valuable and meaningful to your life things and removing the rest that disturbs you. A minimal lifestyle is about removing the clutter and using your time and energy effectively, as we only have a certain amount of energy, time, and space. For such people, we created this Minimal Gradient cursor collection that contains simple things in natural and simple colors.

As you can notice, minimalism is a suitable modern trend used in sculpture, design, music, architecture, etc. Here, you can apply this style with such a feature as a color gradient to your custom cursors for a mouse. Color gradient, also known as color transition, is a gradual blending from one color to another. This blending can occur between shades of the same tone, like in our Minimal Mountain cursor, colors of two different colors, like in the Minimal Swallow cursor pack, or even between more than two colors, like in our Minimal Autumn Tree cursor pack. One way or another, cursor design, like in our Minimal Gradient cursor collection, will make your day brighter and happier.


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